Reputation Recovery Plan: How to Restore a Company Reputation?

Reputation recovery plan focuses on strategizing the process of re-building your wretched reputation. So, are you not able to generate more traffic to your business? Or are you not satisfied with the revenue you’re currently making with your business? The possible reason behind all your major sufferings in business is probably the poor reputation. As per research, “businesses are at risk of losing 22% of their business when potential customers find just one negative article on the first page of their search results”.

Instagram Blue Mark: How to Verify your Instagram Account for Free

Fortunately, the process of Instagram verification is only a couple of minute’s work. You can simply do it on the go. Let’s learn and repeat the step with us – Log In Your Instagram Profile >> Request A Verification >> Confirming Your Identity >> Done! Brief on the points of how to get a blue check on Instagram is as, keep reading…

Delete Google Search Activity: How to Erase all Searches on Google

So, there are comprehensive and constructive processes to delete google search activity and personal information stored on Google’s server. But, you can back up the data before deleting all the stuff as later you can enable the same to personalized your search result. We’ll be discussing a step-by-step process here from downloading Google’s data to back that up to disabling your Google’s activity….

Rescue Your Reputation; Remove News Articles From The Internet

Don’t you want to remove news articles that have been taking a toll on your reputation, your revenue, your sales, your personal & professional life? It takes years for a company to build a rock-solid reputation and only a few days to tarnish it. It doesn’t seem fair to you, right? In fact, none wants to tarnish his or her reputation and let others take a toll on them.

Learn The Ultimate Hacks to Protect Your Online Reputation in Two20

Table Of Content Pitfalls of Overlooking The Ways to Protect Your Online Reputation How Do You Protect Your Reputation Online? Learn Simple Actionable Hacks Conclusion The worst misconception of individuals, as well as business owners, is to think that protecting reputation online is only important to those who are struggling with negative PRs. They assume…

How to Get Glassdoor Reviews Removed: Proven Tips & Tricks

Table Of Content Why Are Glassdoor Reviews Important? How to Get Glassdoor Reviews Removed? Conclusion Glassdoor works like a gateway to the company’s inner culture and unharnessed territories. Companies can no longer consider glassdoor reviews as an unimportant part especially in this era of digitalization. And why not? Everyone starting from an employee to an…

Intelius Remove: How to Remove Name From Intelius in Two20

Table Of Content What is Intelius? All about Intelius! How to Remove Information from Intelius? Conclusion Getting yourself or your information enlisted on any data broker site is the worst nightmare one can ever have. These data broker sites collect publicly available records and create a complete profile including your acute personal information. Doesn’t it…

How to Respond to Negative & Positive Reviews on Key Review Sites

We all know the importance of online reviews in deciding the success of a business, especially if it’s dependent more on local people. Even research states that a whopping 93% of customers make their purchasing decision based on these reviews. Do you know the minimum rating you need to invite them to engage with you? Well, it should be above 3.3 stars according to the podium. But, you know what’s even more critical?

Review Monitoring Tools to Keep an Eye on Your Online Presence

The way of running a business has changed radically in the past 10 years. Earlier, every business used to have a limited circle of customers and most of them were local people. So, you could only damage your reputation only to the local people. But the internet has changed the methods of attracting customers to your business. Now online reviews are the ways to form a positive opinion about your brand.

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