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Google knows everything about you. It knows even more than you know yourself. For example, Do you remember what you ordered four years back? Or your food preferences a decade ago?

No! Right? Even though you remember, it might be too vague. Isn’t it?

But, for Google, it’s as clear as if it happened a day ago. It knows every food recipe you search, every co-worker you tried to keep an eye on, every embarrassing ailment you’ve searched for remedy, and the list goes on…

This is called Google activity and it has a track record of everything you have searched till day 1 of using Google be it 10 years ago or 1.

But, you must be thinking that you’ve deleted all your browser history. Then how can Google still have your information, right?

The fact is deleting google search activity is not the same as deleting your browser history. Because when you delete browser history, it only deletes that stored on your own computer or the device you’re using to delete the search history. But, it doesn’t delete the data stored on Google’s servers.

So, with this stored activity on Google’s server, the search engine makes a constructive profile about you including your gender, languages, and preferences. It uses this profile to show the search result to you or ads to you. Smart Google, isn’t it?

However, don’t you think what you do online should be your own business?

But, Google is already tapping into your privacy without your permission. Unless you disable or remove internet search, Google will keep on tapping into your own private world.

How to Erase All Searches on Google?

We have already known that companies like Facebook track user’s activity. The ads we click, the sites we visit are all being recorded and sold to someone who wants to run an ad campaign. But, Facebook is not alone here.

Your friend Google too has been tracking for years-long without your permission. Although Google has managed to keep its reputation whereas Facebook was recently torpedoed.
Because Google isn’t immune to greedy business tactics as it has created its strong online reputation with its years-long effort. But, it doesn’t mean Google doesn’t keep a tap on you. It knows you better than you even know yourself!

Fortunately, it lets you delete Google search activity. It means you can delete every activity that you have done using Google and remove your entire profile on google. But, how do you know where Google purges your private data?

Don’t worry this blog explains everything that you need to know related to removing internet searches on Google. So, let’s get started

Process To Delete Your Personal Online Information

Note: If you’re using G Suite, then read the data retention policies prior to deleting anything!

So, there are comprehensive and constructive processes to delete google search activity and personal information stored on Google’s server. But, you can back up the data before deleting all the stuff as later you can enable the same to personalized your search result.

We’ll be discussing a step-by-step process here from downloading Google’s data to back that up to disabling your Google’s activity.

Let’s take a look,

     Downloading Your Google DataRBS Reputaiton Management

Google allows its users to access their personalized data through their Google profile page and Google my activity.

There’s a lot of data stored in all the pages and google apps so make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by the process. So anyway, you can download the data from all the products of Google including its Gmail, chrome, maps, search history, photos, etc. Here’s how you can do that for yourself,

Downloading Your Google Data

  • Once you click the NEXT button. The page will open up like this,

export all your online information

  • Once you click on the “create export” section, you’ll receive an email containing the link to download all your files.

download all your files in archieve

Now your data backup has been completed and you’re ready for the next step to remove your google activity.

RBS Reputaiton Management     Deleting Your Google Activity

Once you’re ready to remove the activity, follow the step by step process.

  • Head Over to “my activity page”

my activity page Google

  • Click on the “delete activity by” and change the date to all time.

delete activity

  • Now select “ok” and remove internet history.
  • Once the process is done, the screen will show “no activity”.


You’ve finally erased your google search history and now it’s time to stop Google from saving your future activity.

RBS Reputaiton Management     Prevent Google From Saving Your Activity

Although you can’t permanently disable Google from saving your activity you can pause it for some time. You can follow the steps mentioned here to stop Google fetching your activity,

  • Head over to the activity control page. The page will open like this,

Stop Google From Saving Your Activity

  • Now Slide the blue colored switch to the left.
  • Now you can check back again to the page to see if your “web and app activity” has been paused.

So, you’ve successfully removed your personal search history from Google and disable further tracking of your activities. But, don’t you wish to know if this will bring any detrimental side effects to you or not?

We’ll be glad to answer your queries. So, here it is,

Consequences of Removing Your Search History

The sole purpose of Google to track your activity is to personalize your search results based on your activity. For example, if you are searching for recipes and clicking a particular link related to a particular site Google will personalize your experiences and rank the site higher when you search something related to the recipe.

When you delete or remove the data, it means Google doesn’t know what you prefer so the results will be less specific to you.


There might be a lot of reasons why you want to remove internet search and make a completely new profile of yours. If your name is a brand, then Google will use its autofill algorithm that can either be beneficial or detrimental to your brand. For example, if your name is John and when someone searched your name, Google uses John fraud or john scams, it not only impacts your brand image but also impacts your overall mental state.

In this case, you can remove internet search and build a completely new profile of yours and further stop Google from tracking your activity. If you are unable to follow the steps, there are online reputation management services helping you to improve your online personal reputation.

Let us know if you’ve already utilized the steps mentioned-above or willing to follow it in the future!

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