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Getting yourself or your information enlisted on any data broker site is the worst nightmare one can ever have. These data broker sites collect publicly available records and create a complete profile including your acute personal information.

Doesn’t it sound threatening to you?

Well, what if the site has access to your home addresses, your phone numbers, your income, court records (if any)?

Now it seems scary, isn’t it?

So, basically, if we put this simply, data broker sites like radaris, Intelius scour the web looking for one’s personal information and create a comprehensive profile that can be easily accessible to anyone.

Nobody wants to reveal their acute personal stuff on the internet, therefore they struggle to figure out the ways to remove name from Intelius. If you want to remove your name from Radaris, we have a comprehensive guide on radaris opt-out process that might help.

So, let’s get started with a step by step process to remove information from Intelius.

What is Intelius? All about Intelius!

Intelius was founded in 2003 by a former InfoSpace executive in 2003. It was not created with a motive to reveal the acute personal stuff of everyone. In fact, it was created to help people to discover others with a criminal background and make them aware of the same.

Intelius scans yellow pages, white pages, newspaper articles, blogs, social networks, public records databases, to create an online profile of a person. The extensive detail may include your criminal records, bankruptcies, marriages, phone number, and other personal stuff.

For any person to access this information, Intelius charges a payment of $1.95 to access a basic report which only includes a person’s date of birth, phone number, age, relatives, previous residence, and other basic information.

However, Intelius charges a decent price in order to let you access a person’s acute personal stuff. So, anyone can have this information by paying some bucks. It seems unfair, right?

Don’t worry! There are easy hacks to remove name from Intelius. We’ll discuss those in details here,

How to Remove Information from Intelius?

There are comprehensive and proven processes to remove yourself from Intelius. Intelius keeps your removal request private, which means it won’t publicly visible that you’ve submitted a removal request.

Also, the entire process is secured under secure socket layer technology, so all your information will be encrypted during the Intelius opt-out process.

Now, let’s jump into the process of removing yourself from Intelius,

RBS Reputaiton Management    Required Identity Proof

You’ve to prove your identity before you submit a removal request on this website. Since there will be other members as well under the same name as yours, identity proof is a must for Intelius.

You’ve to provide driver’s license, government-issued identification to validate your date of birth, name, and address.

RBS Reputaiton Management    Give Details to the Records to be Removed

You may not want to remove the entire profile from Intelius, rather you can delete a piece of specific information.

For example, if it’s mentioning your home address and bank details, you can remove only those things. However, Intelius requires you to be precise on this part.

Else your opt-out request won’t bring the necessary fruitfall. For example, if you want to remove “Kerry Smith” it won’t remove “Kerry Q Smith”. This is the reason why users need to provide precise information on this.

RBS Reputaiton Management    Process to Remove Information

The process starts with using a form to search your name on Intelius.

Process to Remove Information

You’ve to fill in your information and select the listing that you want to remove. Further, you’ll be asked to provide a valid email address.

Once you submit an opt-out request, they will provide you a reference number. You can check your opt-out status once you have this reference number. Generally, the website takes  72 hours to remove information.

RBS Reputaiton Management    Monitor Your Status

Once you submit the opt-out request, you’ll be given a reference number.

This is the best way to track your removal status. Also, users are requested to monitor the search results on a regular basis as the website continuously scours the web in search of information.

So, it may create another profile of yours. This is the reason why you should keep track of their activity.

Once you remove the information from Intelius, all your information will be removed from other websites as well that Intelius is associated with. Your listing will no longer appear when someone searches your name.

But, if anyone has already purchased the data before you submitted your opt-out request, then it will still remain available to them. Aside from that, information from Google search results may take time to disappear even after the information gets removed from Intelius itself.


It takes a fair amount of diligence to remove personal information from Intelius.  But having your personal acute stuff out there accessible by anyone is a risky way to proceed in personal or professional life.

Therefore Intelius removal is a must for the persons whose acute information is presented on the internet.

Not only this information can be embarrassing but also dangerous as potential hackers or data thieves can misuse this information to conduct illegal activity.

We’ve mentioned here the proven ways to remove the information name from Intelius. Make sure you keep on monitoring this information once in a while as Intelius can again gather information and make a new profile.

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