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In the health care sector, word-of-mouth communication is well-established, and patient referrals have been honored for medical practices. This concept is even more reliable when it comes to subjective procedures in fields like plastic surgery, dermatology, osteopath, presto, etc. where patients have more opportunity to research and consider the best options. Therefore, healthcare online reputation management is in demand as online reviews grow universal across the web each year.

Why should you hire RBS as your
Doctor Reputation Management Company?

If individual doctors or doctors’ clinics that avoid online presence or ignore it, put physician reputation management at risk. There are several reasons why reputation management for doctors is necessary, how only a reputable, established firm, like RBS Reputation Management can help you.

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Detailed Recovery Plan

Online reviews are often the first thing a patient will look before visiting a new doctor. Hence, a detailed review recovery plan and the improvement of doctor online reputation will play an active role in building a trusted patient base.

Quick Reputation Results

We understand the pain of losing your professional respect due to some negative online reviews. Going forth, we make sure that reviews are the exact portrayals of your service by proactive, consistent, and quick reputation results.

Industry-Focused Solutions

️At RBS Reputation Management, we deliver industry-focused solutions to help the individual doctors and private clinics in need of healthcare online reputation management. With us, you can accomplish an outstanding online reputation.

Fix Your Search Results

We promote genuine online positive reviews from happy patients as a safeguard to the medical practice's online credibility, especially from fake reviews. It also helps in fixing search results, as Google pays close attention to online reviews.

Remove Personal Information

Nowadays, innumerable personal information comes up on the web. But keeping the patient information confidential is your legal duty. Or else, it can harm doctor reputation management. If leaked, we help medical practices to remove any private information from the web.

Manage Business Reviews

Our reputation management tool follows continuous doctor reputation checks and alerts the practice manager of any negative review immediately after posting. Hence, the practice manager can promptly respond to patients’ concerns; thus, we manage the reputation better.

Online Reputation Management for Doctor:
Unique Reputation Management Solution

As a leading agency, our healthcare online reputation management solution includes services that provide flexible practices with a flawless automated process for doctor review management, doctor’s reputation check, as well as doctor’s reputation repair. Needless to mention that our successful reputation management strategy includes automated negative review alerts.

Though, generating a positive reputation and earning consistent reviews is a more difficult part of physician review management, than expected; RBS Reputation Management can assist in maintaining and promoting positive reviews and addressing negative reviews and feedback with great professionalisms.

Further, we automate the review collection process to ensure a steady stream of fair and honest reviews to succeed in doctor review management. We integrate your practice account with our system ORM for physicians to send review requests to the patients at the right time. We enable practice managers to schedule timely feedback alerts for individual patients. This ensures patient communication after sufficient recovery time when top results are obtainable, mostly. Besides, it helps you achieve a deeper perception of the patients’ emotions, which are organized into detailed reports within the practice's personal dashboard.

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How we can help you with our
online reputation management services?

Every medical practitioner and practice managers know how a doctor’s reputation has played a vital role in their experience of drawing new patients to their medical practice. But, following the trend of web empowered patients, corresponding healthcare shopping, and active social shares, peer reviews are representing an even more crucial role in the field of healthcare online reputation management. And here, RBS Reputation Management comes in physician reputation & review management.

Bring Authentic Positive Reviews

Bring Authentic Positive Reviews

Our doctor reputation management service is intended to help medical practice individuals and clinics to meet their needs of higher rankings in SERPs and credibility. With our doctor management software, we further help practices request for authentic positive reviews from your happy patients and inspire them to share their experiences online. This approach not only develops your practice's reliability but also the search rankings.

Patient Sentiment-based Analytics

Patient Sentiment-based Analytics

Another benefit of our doctor reputation management tool is the accessible sentiment analysis data on patient reviews. We collect the data and share doctor review management information with the concerned manager to help them to improve the patient experience. Improved patient experience, in turn, promotes the practice’s bottom line in the following ways by patient recovery, patient retention, and bringing new patients.

Manage Negative Reviews

Manage Negative Reviews

Our physician reputation management strategy recognizes unhappy patients when they leave feedback or review on Google or Yelp and informs the practice manager immediately to reply to the patients’ affairs to settle the doctor's bad reputation. This further improves the possibilities of recovering dejected patients and turning them into retaining visitors of your practice.

Location-Based Insights

Location-Based Insights

If a healthcare practice has single-location or a multi-location medical practice group, they can directly measure patient satisfaction and view location search trends and hire a doctor trend to intensify the patient care. This offers insights into your practice and quality of care, allowing you to detect scopes of advancement. With our doctor reputation management service you can do all of these.

How to Check
and Repair Doctor's Reputation?

Unfortunately, online reputation management for doctors is not so simple as Google’s algorithms are much more complicated and change regularly. So, what defines a doctor’s bad reputation risk?

imagination and actuality

The difference between imagination and actuality.


Shifting expectations and understandings.

Operations and communications

Operations and communications.

When a generic doctor’s reputation crisis goes, it is hard to determine how much harm it would do in the short and long terms. But, we estimate the damage by evaluating spontaneous responses. And further, considering the evaluation, we construct the right physician reputation management plan for an individual medical practitioner or practice.

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Unlike other firms, we do not suggest the removal of negative feedback but insist on practice managers for a fast response. This approach not only impresses the unhappy patients but also convinces anyone who comes across the review result that you’re connecting your patients and set to begin a conversation.

Our experts take control of regular reputation checks and repair by managing doctor bad reputation online. We believe failing to get engaged online with patients can lead to losing control of your online reputation and can ruin it all over time.

At RBS Reputation Management, we always equip our doctors’ management service clients to be ready to counter any negative feedback and get ahead of the game by producing more positive and winning content.

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What should you look before
Hiring a agency of online Reputation Management for Doctors?

Having the right agency by your side can help improve your healthcare practice’s growth and the overall wellness and longevity of your medical practice. As the healthcare industry has become more competitive in the last few decades, it’s more difficult today for medical practitioners and private practices to go online and maintain the right image on their own. Here comes the importance of hiring a reliable company that for sure will fix your reputation issues. But finding the reliable one is not easy. You must check for a few features before hiring a expert of reputation management for physician.

Relevant Industry Experience

Relevant Industry Experience

Considering healthcare online reputation management the same as it is for other industries is incorrect. Medical practices need to follow the set standards and report to regulatory authorities. A reputation management company without relevant industry experience can't understand these rules appropriately, and that might hamper your overall physician reputation & review management.

Creativity & Uniqueness

Creativity & Uniqueness

Whether online or offline reputation management, creativity is a must. The best way to assess creativity & uniqueness of reputation management for doctors is to get a glance at the variety and quality of content the reputation management agency produces to build, maintain, and repair for your online reputation. Also, keep eyes on their professionalism and time efficiency.



ORM for physicians is a good investment, but you need to make sure that you have invested in the right place. Your investment must yield measurable returns. Therefore, before finalizing with a particular agency, ask them to explain how they will support your goals and objectives. And, don’t settle for words and empty promises, get a business proposal prepared and get a thorough look at how the company has explained your current market standing, and what they are going to offer. Make sure they don't charge more than the average doctors’ management service pricing.

Credibility & Accountability

Credibility & Accountability

You must hire a firm that is credible, accountable, and authoritative. The easiest way to discover these characteristics is to look at the company up online. Go through their client testimonials and any special mentions, certifications, recognitions, etc. Also, check the business reviews on top review platforms, like Google, Yelp. Further, look for the services they offer and what varieties of industries and clients they work with. Find out their business value, as well as their online reputation before handing over your online reputation management job to them.

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Online Reputation Management Resources

It depends on the patients how they will review your practice. Hence, you need to improve your overall patient experience at the practice level and inspire them to write genuine reviews for you.

*** How to do that? ***

receive doctor reviews

Be proactive in receiving reviews from your patients.


Communicate unhappy patients & perform service recovery.

training staff

Train your staff in best practices of patient assistance.

Impartial responce

Impartially reply to reviews, both positive & negative.


Build a strong community & network on social media.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is online reputation management for doctors?

It is everything about an individual doctor or a private medical practice that shows up online. It includes websites, blogs, social channels, and images. If negative links show up, it may affect the overall doctor’s reputation. Hence, an agency can help you repair a doctor’s reputation easily and firmly.

Should I be preemptive, and how?

Make sure you have your claimed authority over your domain name and have a website dedicated to your practice. Also, create a social presence to connect with patients and share healthcare tips, free quick consultation, or come up for live conversation. These acts of communication help in doctor review management, a lot.

Why it is necessary to hire a reputation management company for doctors?

The internet is the first impression of your healthcare service, and more than 80% of patients look for online recommendations before visiting a new doctor. Therefore, anything negative about your practice can damage your impression. Therefore, regular physician reputation management is the main reason to hire an agency.

What should a practice manager do if something negative shows up?

Instead of becoming unreasonable and disturbed, come up with a more active doctor reputation management strategy. Try to solve the issue and transform the unhappy patient into a retaining one. Further, promote good content to down of the negative information from the first page of SERPs.

What are the practical ways to improve doctor online reputation?

The best thing to do is healthcare blogging. Spread your words through writing that your patients or even regular readers want to know about, and also get active on social platforms. And to make it simple, just jump for a company that can help you with the same.

How long would it take to build a doctor online reputation?

Usually, there is no instant way out of developing a reputation. Don't expect to see significant results immediately. Physician online reputation management might take 3 to 6 months to see progressive results. Consult with an ORM expert today!

How much does a company charge for doctor's reputation management ?

Usually, a top doctor reputation management agency pricing in India ranges begins from $500 per month. But it may vary with customized services, like reputation management plastic surgeon. Consult our sales team to learn more about our affordable healthcare online reputation management packages.

Why should I trust you as a top reputation management agency for Neurologists?

We are a reputed and well-established company in India, offering customized reputation management services to specialized doctors and practices, including Neurologists. Further, we have a vast global clientele with a good percentage of retaining healthcare businesses as a client base. Our service talks to us. Contact us for details.

Have you not find the best doctor reputation management agency yet?

Don’t delay to set up a free consulation with our reputation experts. We can cover your online presence.

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