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In this overly web-driven world, individual-to-business growth is highly reliant on holding a stellar digital reputation. From simple criticism to slander on social media, the online image can be ruined on the internet. Since negative reviews/complaints hold the potential to deteriorate a business at an alarming rate, only an expert can be a savior for you.

The objective of complaint websites is commendable, while the impact might be devastating for some businesses to individuals. Considering the fact that one out of five consumers will refrain from visiting your websites once a complaint is posted on a complaint board website, it’s significant to remove online complaints to perform seamless growth. Consult with the best online reputation management firm to wipe out unnecessary complaints. Our removal services aim at removing defamatory complaints in a jiffy to empower your business growth.

Why should you hire RBS as your Online Complaint Removal Partner?

*** Let us unveil a few reasons for you to set us apart from the rest ***

Our team of experts possesses over 10 years of experience in the said field.

We only leverage top-notch tools and creative minds to delete complaints.

We hold a success rate of 100% in removing online redundant information.

From our inception, we have been working with some of the leading companies.

With our ORM solutions, we provide the best-crafted strategy to remove online complaints from the internet.

Over the years we’ve been successful in removing negative reviews/complaints for our global prospects.

Basic Stipulation to Remove Online Complaints Permanently!

An unerring online reputation can only be achieved while leveraging the expertise of online complaints removal services. The limpid objectives of complaints websites are to make people aware of the prevalent scams and forgery that impeded businesses to individual’s growth. Due to their imprecise security features, businesses and individuals are getting devastated by grumpy customers’ posts. Once you get posted on consumer complaints sites, the information will rank high on page search results.

In order to delete a complaint permanently from Google, only an experienced and skilled expert can be a savior. Complaint removal services help individuals to enterprises in this process while burying the negative comments far back on the search result page and helping your business to grow.

Being one of the leading agencies in this field, RBS Reputation Management holds its repute in leveraging distinctive approaches to remove defamatory information from the internet.

*** Here’s how we help you with our Complaints removal services ***

Client Communication

Tactically convincing the webmaster to remove negative Complaints.

search engine suppression

Leveraging unique approaches such as the de-indexing method and search engine suppression method.

search engine result pages

Pertain legal methods in some cases to remove a page or review from the search engine result pages.

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Success Diary of RBS To Online Complaints Removal Services

The negative online presence is one of the critical hurdles that online ventures come across. These wretched complaints can adversely impact brand value and further sales. Our forte is to remove negative complaints from the google search result page and assist you with our unrivaled strategies and modern approaches.

Our online complaints removal services ensure a perfect online persona with well-crafted strategies. Being the most preferred search engine, negative posts on google search result page can bring a serious downfall in your business. Our team of dedicated online complaints removal experts monitors the activities occurring around the internet and delete all the information prior to its impact.

Stepwise Gambit to Remove Online Complaints from Internet

Consumer complaints websites aim to educate people about faulty products, scams, sketchy services, and unethical business practices. Despite having these limpid objectives, their impact on enterprises is yet controversial since a forged grumpy customer can become a nightmare for entrepreneurs.

An online consumer complaint can have a devastating impact on the individual to enterprise reputation and further impede your growth. The process to remove complaints from google search results, can be flat-out awkward. Only by leveraging distinctive and out-and-out approaches, it can be done aptly.

A number of choices are there in the removal process and minimize the devastating impact of online consumer complaints posted on complaint board sites. RBS Reputation Management offers full-stack solutions to remove negative complaints permanently from the internet under its removal service.

*** Here’s how we delete an online complaint aptly ***

Approach the website administrator

Approach the website administrator

One of the most preferred and effective methods to remove negative complaints is to approach directly to the website administration. Once after figuring out the pages pointing up negative online complaints, request the webmaster to remove the contents that are violating your reputation.

Delete complaints

Delete complaints with De-indexing method

When a page is de-indexed, it sends a signal to search engines not to crawl the page. Hence if you fail to remove complaints from google by the website admin, pay heed to the deindexing method. Once a page is deindexed, it will no longer be visible on the search engine result page.

Search engine suppression method

Search engine suppression method

It is applied through the reverse SEO technique. Since a majority of people don’t visit the pages which are lied on far back, reverse SEO is the process to push down the negative complaints far back on the SERP & further remove complaints from internet. This how we suppress the negative complaints.

Artifact to consider before taking Assistance to Remove Complaints From Google Search

The revolution in the digital world has its unicorns and victims too. Individuals or businesses, confronting negative complaints are terrifying to lose their online presence. It’s not a duck-soup to remove complaints from google search results. Amidst the range of choices available at your fingertips finding the best agency might be the ticklish part. But, considering the possible artifacts prior to hiring an agency is known to be the best way to land on the perfect fit.

*** Check out the considerable features prior to choosing an online Complaint removal agency ***


Conduct a Thorough Research: Thorough research helps you to draw a clear picture over the company’s competency, expertise, and exceptionality. Typical agencies provide full-stack services starting from monitoring each activity occurring around the net to remove a complaint online before it impacts you. The research will help you to sort out the best agency among the infinite.


Look for Time-Bound Solutions: Failing to delete complaints from Google search as soon as it’s posted, can be a deal-breaker for the enterprise’s reputation. Hence looking for a complaint removal agency that provides time-bound solutions is extremely crucial. An out-and-out and well-crafted strategy leveraged by a professional firm always aims to provide time-bound solutions to empower your business reputation.

Distinctive Approaches

Check their Distinctive Approaches: Pay heed to the distinctive measures taken by a company in critical situations. So, prior to choosing the best agency to remove complaints from Google search, have a thorough screening of case studies and client testimonials to conceive their approaches.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove complaints from consumercomplaints.in?

There are distinctive approaches to remove the complaints from consumercomplaints.in and further remove online complaints from the internet, starting from contacting the webmaster, leveraging the de-indexing method, to working on the suppression method.

How your Online complaints removal services can help me to grow?

Our removal experts measure your online footprint prior to kick start the removal process. A decent online reputation is an indication of seamless growth. We can help you to remove unwanted complaints to stimulate your growth.

How to delete consumer complaint account?

You can’t easily delete your consumer complaint account. It needs to be done by an expert only. We can help you remove consumer complaints account by leveraging our adept knowledge.

How to remove intellectual property complaints?

Intellectual property complaints once posted it can completely shut your business down if prompt action has not been taken. Our service instantly acts on the said issue and help your business to flourish.

What time I can expect to get my complaint removal done?

Depending upon the intricacy level, the time is determined. In most cases, it may take a time of 6 months to 2 years to remove a complaint permanently. In case of urgency, we try to speed up our process.

How much you will charge to remove a complaint from the internet?

Typically, complaints board removal service providers don’t come cheap. The price may vary depending upon the project’s intricacy. Consult with our sales team to know more about our removal service package.

Why should I trust your removal service?

RBS Reputation Management is a certified service provider in India. Over the years we’ve served global prospects with 360-degree solutions to remove permanently.

Is my payment safe with you?

Over the years serving global prospects, we hold our repute in being one of the best complaint removal service providers. Hence your payment is entirely secured with us.

Have you not find the best complaints removal service yet?

Don’t delay to set up a free consulation with our reputation defenders. We can cover your online presence.

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