Remove information from MyLife: Learn how to remove info yourself

Do you wish to remove data from MyLife? Nowadays, our personal details are being excavated through different websites. Among these, the prime concern for most of the ORM service providers is, This site composes all personal information from different websites, mostly from various public records with a voice, i.e, “helping people find and connect with other ones by handling the information that they choose to share with the world”.

Brand Reputation Management Strategies: 2020 ORM action plan

Brand reputation management strategies aim at molding your customers to better perceive your business and further convert end-users to your potential clients. But, is this really significant for your business to strategies the brand reputation management action plan? The answer is yes – as a whopping 85% of people consider online reviews as much as personal recommendations prior to making any purchasing decision.

6 Stepts to Remove Bad Business Reviews by dealing with customer complaints

Customers are the real deal for every business. If they are not happy about something, it is the responsibility of the brand to make sure that their queries are firmly considered. But, there is a particular way of listening to their complaints. Considering the complaints are essential for the company also because it helps you…

What is the significance of Online Reputation Management?

Maintaining a good public reputation is as important on the Internet as it is in real life. People recognize you from the kind of reputation you create among them. Since the world is moving towards the internet, maintaining a positive reputation has become significantly important there as well. Companies owning websites and social media channel…

Top Reasons Why You Need Effective Online Reputation Management Strategy

Online reputation management (ORM) is a plan and procedure for monitoring, identifying, and influencing your digital reputation and trustworthiness online. All businesses have to keep track of an online reputation. It simply takes a couple of hours for a bad client experience to go viral and impact your baseline. It’s even worse if you don’t…

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