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The complaints boards not only give people an idea about a particular but also reveals fraud, phishing, and other unfair business practices. But at the same time, such national complaint boards have become a preferred online platform for character killing, disparagement, and malicious allegations, which pose a constraining threat not only on the business but to the owner's reputation, as well.

Since we are an online reputation management firm and handle complaints board removal successfully for years, we know how to deal with false complaints on complaint lodging sites. From permanent complaint removal to pushing it down in SERPs, we’ve managed it all. Our powerful contact and impeccable perception of removing complaints, let us help businesses at menace.

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Why should you hire
RBS as your Complaints Board Removal Company?

Most of the online reputation management agencies hide the complaints to lower SERPs, but we at RBS Reputation Management, remove complaint board entirely from websites and search results. Our thorough and knowledgeable work process make stand out from the other ORM firms and make us the top choice for global clients. Our complaints board removal services not only include complaint removal but also reputation repair and reputation management services. A customized ORM services plan is also available for individual client needs.

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Manage Search Results

Manage Your Search Results

We promote authentic positive reviews from satisfied clients to establish your business's online trustworthiness, especially from false reviews and feedback on several complaint boards. We also help companies to fix their search results for all search engines.

Industry-Focused Solutions

Industry-Focused Solutions

At RBS Reputation Management, we give industry-focused ORM solutions to help individual businesses from any sector. With us, every business can achieve an engaging online reputation and future-protect it from cruel defamation.

Complaint Removal Results

Complaint Removal Results

We acknowledge the stress of losing business reputation and defamation due to spiteful reviews online. Our online reputation management expert’s team assists businesses by offering quick complaints removal services, and proactive reputation building.

Remove Offensive Confidential Information

Remove Offensive Confidential Information

If you are disturbed with offensive and confidential information leaked, we help you remove all these entirely, and also assist you with complaints board lawsuit, if required. Our online reputation maintenance experts succors you with complete removal of all such negative offensice confidential in easy and within a few business weeks.

Manage Bad & Malicious Business Reviews

Manage Bad & Malicious Business Reviews

Our ORM tool runs continuous business reputation checks and alerts our brand reputation management team of any bad or malicious review immediately after posting on any consumer complaints board India or abroad. Hence, we promptly respond to the concerns; thus, we manage to remove the complaint board and handle reputation repair better.

Comprehensive Reputation Management & Repair

Comprehensive Reputation Management & Repair

Nowadays, people are more likely to monitor online reviews and feedback before considering a new business, doctor's clinic, legal firm, or even handyman or domestic help. Hence, a complete business review maintenance and bad review repair service are crucial to building a trusted client base. Don't fret, our review maintenance expert helps you with a to z review services.

Complaints Board Removal:
RBS Reputation Management At Your Relief!

If you have found your name or business listed on any complaints boards, and need quick help with removal service, you must contact an online reputation management company right away to get started. At RBS Reputation Management, we leave no stone unturned and work closely with our client to take-down an effective reputation management strategy.

Our experienced team uses all accessible and advanced complaint removal tactics, including defying spiteful posters and defamers and working with the review website administrators, content managers, and arbitration services. If necessary, we also imply the complaints board lawsuit to solicit a court-ordered removal.

RBS Reputation Management comes at your relief when you are in stress with online complaints and negative feedback. We take every complaint removal project as a challenge and try our best to bring the desired result within the least possible time.

Review Websites Respond to Our Experts

Review Websites Respond to Our Experts

We have an influential connection with top review sites and hands-on knowledge of all nitty-gritty to remove consumer complaints permanently. We communicate the review websites and work directly with them to offer you fast and flawless results.

Treat Clients with Courtesy and Respect

We Treat Clients with Courtesy and Respect

We know it well how stressful it is for any business to open up the offensive online reviews. We intend to remove the complaint from complaints board, repair, and rebuild your business reputation and to fulfill that we are always on your side.

Work Closely with Clients

RBSRM Work Closely with Clients

Throughout the process of complaint removal, we stay in continuous contact with our clients and provide them with all the details of their case over the phone, text, email, or whichever medium they find more convenient for communication.

How can we Help you
Remove Consumer Complaints Permanently?

Literally, we offer two types of complaint board removal services. Firstly, we remove consumer complaints permanently from complaint portals like Google complaints board,, national complaints board, Blurb complaints, and others. Secondly, we push down negative and spiteful reviews or false claims, using our customized SEO reputation management services.

We make sure that our reputation management services protect your brand impression and increase online brand value.

Our cost-effective, tested & proven, technically sound, ethical services deal with the most persuasive and enraging review cases.

*** Our work process is simple and dedicated to our clients ***

Client Communication

Client Communication: Our ORM team directly contact and communicate with the client and discuss their issues and offer an immediate, no-obligation consultation.

Legal Assistance

Legal Assistance: If the client is in deep trouble and defamed brutally, we take a firm stand and assist the client with proper lawsuit guidance.

SEO Reputation Management

SEO Reputation Management: By deleting or pushing down bad reviews using SEO practices, we manage your online reputation.

How to Remove
Complaints from ComplaintsBoard.Com?

No business would wish to have negative feedback hovering online and affecting the brand value and brand image adversely. So, asking for professional complaints board removal services aid from an ORM company like RBS Reputation Management will surely help businesses to remove online complaints and getting on track.

The initial steps of removing defamatory content from the Indian consumer complaint board includes two significant actions.

Removal from SERPs 1st Page

The entire reputation management team works on removing all negative links and feedback from all leading search engines, like Google, Bing, Yahoo. These complaints are either removed permanently or moved to other pages, as users rarely move to the 2nd or 3rd page of the search engine.

Permanent Removal of Offensive Content

An established and expert ORM company can effectively remove the complaints, online. Further, a professional team can also maintain and manage the entire online presence of the business that helps it keep the positive brand identity and earn more loyalty across online platforms.

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What should you look before
Hiring a Complaints Board Removal Services Company?

Hiring the right lawsuit advisor can do the best help for a business suffering from online complaints and negative feedback. In the present competitive marketing scenario, online reputation is a big deal for any business. Here comes the value of hiring a complaint removal expert to not only remove bad reviews but also to repair and retain brand reputation online. However, finding a trustworthy agency is not a doddle! As a business owner, you must check for a few specialties of the online reputation management firm.


Experience of Dealing Most Unfavourable Cases

Overall online reputation management and complaints board removal are different.

Though complaint removal comes under the umbrella term ORM, it needs more experience and expertise to remove the complaints and handle the following legal issues (if any). A reputation management company without extensive experience in dealing with most unfavorable complaint cases can't handle the Google complaint board, Blurb complaints, or national complaints board removals.

Fast Results

Fast & Guaranteed Results with Good Communication

Hiring an agency for complaints removal is a much-needed investment, but investing in the right place is also crucial.

Hence, before signing a contract with a particular reputation management company, ask them to explain their services, strategy, and customer support system to assist you to achieve your business goals. And, don’t settle on word of mouth. Get a proper business proposal and look at their clauses. Make sure they have ROI-driven, reasonable services.

Sincerity and Efficiency

Sincerity & Efficiency in Handling Bigger Complaints

You must hire a sincere and efficient management firm that has good knowledge on how to remove complaints from ComplaintsBoard. The simplest way to find such firm that has extensive experience in handling bigger complaint removal cases is to look at their client testimonials.

Innovative Approach

Innovative, Informative & Creative Solutions

Whether reputation management or complaint removal, innovative, informative, and creative solutions are always a winner. The best way to judge the appropriate reputation management company is to evaluate its online content and legal connectivities.

Online Complaints Board Removal Resources

Here are some quick complaints removal resources that would help businesses handle the negative comment redressal initially.

If the review seems false to you, flag it.

Acknowledge to revise the entire circumstances.

As these negative feedback are the potential to damage your reputation effectively, you need to act fast.

You should reply with a positive out view spouting the position promptly and distinctly.

We Are Devoted Complaints Board Removal Agency!

Frame a authentic social reputation with our online complaints board removal services today.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is complaints board removal?

People who buy your products or services, or contact you as a potential buyer may share their experiences with your business as a company, as well as a brand on social platforms and review sites. Their reviews might be positive or negative and may make or break your online brand reputation.

Why is hiring a professional necessary?

The Internet is the first impression of your online brand, and about ¾ of online buyers look for positive online reviews before visiting a business. Anything that is negative about your business can damage your impression. Hence, responding to complaints is a good business practice and if you don’t they are ready to get negative.

Do you remove consumer complaints permanently?

We offer both permanent complaints removal and SEO reputation management services to push down negative reviews. Permanent complaint removal is possible in almost 70% cases by strong positive link building and SEO efforts. We also help with complaints board lawsuit and offer professional legal assistance to our clients.

Do you protect my business from future complaints?

We perform thorough complaint removal. Further, we offer online reputation management for blocking future grievances from many of the online complaints websites, and we have an intriguing success rate for the same. It further depends on the complaint board where your complaints are posted and the admins of the same.

Would you help me delete complaints from Google and

Yes, we can delete and push down negative reviews and complaints, as well as the account from Google complaintsboard,,, Blurb, etc. We have great professional associations with different review platforms and therefore, in most cases, we are able to remove bad consumer complaints permanently, without any confusion.

How long would it take to remove negative feedback from a national consumer complaints board?

The minimum time for removing consumer complaints from complaints website in India might take only 24 hours, as well as a week, or even a month. In general, complaints and negative reviews are removed within a week, sometimes within a few hours. But, some bigger and legal complaints on the national complaints board might take more then a couple of business weeks.

How much a complaint board removal service charge?

We can decide the exact charges to remove the complaint board only after analyzing your complaints. Our fees might depend on several factors, like whether we are utilizing internet marketing for removal, or we need to offer legal aids for complaint removal. It further depends on the nature of the complaint website or portal, the admin, location, etc. But make sure, we have no hidden charges. We ensure you pay only the exact amount, and none of our invoices include any additional charges other than taxes.

Why should I hire experts to remove complaints permanently?

Business reviews can make or break your business reputation on various occasions. If you receive negative reviews on review websites, that might harm your online impression, and you cannot remove the complaint board yourself. But, as expert complaints board removal services, we can do that for you. We have strong professional bonding with different review websites that allow us to work more efficiently through private and legal channels to remove consumer complaints permanently.

Have you not find the best complaints board removal service yet?

Don’t delay to set up a free consulation with our reputation defenders. We can cover your online presence.

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