Negative reviews are really annoying but as a business, you have to learn to deal with them. Here are 6 ways to remove negative search results-:

  1. Got a negative review? Don’t worry!

remove negative search results

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A fraudulent Google review may make you want to give that reviewer a piece of your mind. It’s important that you don’t do anything like that. A negative review isn’t the end of the world—every business had gotten at least one.But sometimes it is necessary that we must remove negative search results from google.

Researchers have even indicated that negative reviews increase sales and there’s the tested saying that no publicity is bad publicity.

    1. Situational Analysis

    The primary issue you need to fix is if the review is real. Fraudulent reviews are sometimes made by our own competitors and you’ve never met them. If they are found to be your previous customers, look at what they purchased. Look at the duration of service. Listen to their service calls. The more you acknowledge the situation, the better equipped you are doing something about it, and can be prevented in future.

    1. Be quick to respond to anything negative about you

    Even if you came to know that the bad review was fake, you need to respond. Remember, you’re not only settling one complaint, there are made others watching your response. Regardless of the type of bad review you got, respond swiftly. The majority of people who read about your reviews are the ones interested in what you’ve got to offer. You not only need to make them happy, but assure that in future same thing won’t happen again.

    1.   Fake google’s review? Dispute or flag it

    Google allows you to flag the negative reviews that are fake, so they can eliminate them. Here’s how:

    1. Open Google Maps and search your company on it.
    2. Click there to watch all your reviews, and look for the one you want to flag.
    3. Click on the 3 vertical dots in the upper-right corner of the reviews, after that click on “Flag as inappropriate.”

5. Fix the situation

remove online complaints

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If you keep getting negative reviews, or have gotten more than a couple, it’s not the reviewer’s fault—it’s your fault.  There are times that there was a problem in service or an unsatisfactory product, you need to make a solid effort to remove online complaints. Whether that means better customer service representative training, taking an employee out, reviewing offers on your site—if you aren’t satisfied your customers, you may suffer the consequences.

  1. Maintain a command over the negative reviews

It is on top of your reviews can actually turn them into a good one. For instance, if a customer was unhappy with a service and you came right back and solved it, that customer with a little push, can turn his review into a positive one. We’ve seen that happen multiple times. People are simply concerned about their problems being solved, they don’t care about the kind of step you take up for that. Thus, it does not take a lot to deal with a pissed consumer removal as we have seen people changing their opinions and reviews just when a business shows some concern about their problem.




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