Cost of Our Online Reputation Management Packages

Please check our online reputation management pricing details below to know what our plans include and what you get in a particular plan.

  • Plans

    Our Online Review | Reputation Management Package Features; What activites we'll review and analyse for you?

    • - Initial Review & Analysis -
    • Search Terms Covered
    • Search Positions Protected & Monitored
    • Dedicated Account Mangement
    • Twice Personal Consultations/Month
    • Micro Websites Development
    • Micro Blog Setup
    • Blog Writing + Optimization
    • Article Writing + Submissions
    • Press Releases Writing + Submissions
    • Social Media Bookmarking
    • Profiles Creation
    • Facebook Account Setup + Promotion
    • Twitter Account Setup + Promotion
    • Flickr Account Setup + Promotion
    • YouTube Account Setup + Promotion
    • LinkedIn Account Setup + Promotion
    • Business Lisitings
    • Forum Profiles Creation
    • Forum Comments With Aged | New Accounts
    • Ning Social Network Creation
    • Squidoo Lens Maintenance
    • Hub Page Creation | Promotion
    • Blogger Web Creation | Promotion
    • Blog Comment
    • Blog Social Bookmarking
    • Blog RSS Directory Submission
    • Quora Profile Optimization | (Q/A)
    • Photo Sharing
    • Reviews Optmization
    • PPT Submissions
    • Search Engine Submissions
    • Guest Posts Writing | Submissions
    • Additional Link Luilding Strategies
    • Consultation With RBS, Inc. CEO
    • Monthly | Weekly Reporting
    • Optional PPC Management (Paid By Client)
    • Progressive Monthly ORM (Min 6 Month Duration)
  • Basic


    Get Started
    • - What You Get -
    • Up to 3
    • 1 to 10
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • 1
    • Yes
    • 1
    • 2
    • No
    • 100
    • 5
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • 5
    • 2
    • 5
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • 2
    • 10
    • 2
    • 10
    • 2
    • Yes
    • 2
    • Yes
    • 1
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • $399/month
  • Premium


    Get Started
    • - What You Get -
    • Up to 15
    • 1 to 30
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • 4
    • Yes
    • 4
    • 10
    • 3
    • 400
    • 20
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • 20
    • 10
    • 20
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • 10
    • 30
    • 10
    • 30
    • 10
    • Yes
    • 10
    • Yes
    • 4
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • $999/month

Need a custom reputation management package designed to meet your precise needs? Consult with our expert today.

Not sure, which package is the right fit for you?

Don’t worry we have classified our plans into three main categories:

Top-of-the-line ORM Strategies


This is a low-budget plan suitable for individuals and small businesses. It targets those in the initial phase of their business or digital presence, but the demand for a positive online image is high.

Content Promotion


The most popular one amongst all, this is the most in-demand of the ORM strategies, suitable for individuals and small to mid-sized companies. The most common forms of ORM issues like deleting or suppressing negative reviews or content, removal of negative links or webpages, and social channel comments are handled in this plan, with the enhancement of digital footprint quickly.

Keyword Research


This one is the most comprehensive of all. It usually covers enterprises, large companies, and renowned people who want to manage their online reputation and what is being said or talked about. It focuses on all the standard ORM activities as in other plans plus intricate issues like removing negative content from popular media platforms and high authority websites.

Why Do You Need Online Reputation Management Package?

Online reputation has become so pervasive that you cannot ignore it at any cost. Several reasons make it important for you to invest in online reputation management package:

Stature Management Project

The Internet is the First Interaction for Everyone

People trust what the internet tells them, whether right, wrong, positive, or negative. Whatever they find online on different channels, they base their judgment on that and make decisions accordingly.

Brand Reputation

Others are Creating Your Online Reputation

You must know that you cannot control what others can say or write about you online. However, you can control and influence how people think and feel about you; it takes time, effort, and investment.

Manage Online Presence

Your Online Reputation is Forever

There have been instances when a social post from years ago has come to haunt a person and harm their credibility and position. That’s why it is crucial to look through all about you online and correct the inaccuracies or negative something done wrong a time ago.

Manage Online Presence

Negative Online Reputation is a Vicious Cycle

Why should you worry about negative information? Because anything malicious, misleading, and outdated content ranks high online. People tend to click on information that seems scandalous or shocking; it means search engines and social media platforms amplify such items in popularity and rankings.

Manage Online Presence

Better Online Reputation Appeals to High-Intent People

You know the impact that positive reviews and how you are perceived online can make on your possible prospects. The better your online reputation management process is, the better you can put yourself in front of high-intent prospects.

Manage Online Presence

Improve Credibility & Increase Loyalty Value

Online brand reputation gives you a great platform to develop and maintain trust with your existing customers. You can work through positive and negative reviews to show your commitment, which also positively influences new prospects.

Manage Online Presence

Improve the Overall Bottom Line

A comprehensive internet reputation management process ensures that your image across all digital mediums, irrespective of your industry, is taken care of. Studies show that a better online reputation and image improves conversion rates manifolds.

Manage Online Presence

Improve Your Brand Visibility

Not only your online reputation has a say on how people see and perceive you but also how Google and other search engines distinguish your brand. Improved brand trustworthiness is a direct signal to improving a brand’s search result rankings and click-through rates (CTR).

Need a custom reputation management plan?

What Features Do You Get in Our Online Reputation Management Packages?

ORM is not a one-point process but an ongoing strategy involving many steps. Created by a team of industry expert proactive reputation builders having tons of knowledge and experience in reputation management, our ORM packages deliver guaranteed and ethical services that outshine any negativity around you and develop and promote a positive side.

Negative Review Analysis

We conduct thorough research on what and where you have received negative reviews, including Google reviews, social media platforms, and other notable reviews sites like Yelp, Trustpilot, Glassdoor, and more. The first step is to identify their cause and then plan what can be done about them, including having them removed, contested, or pushed down.

Bad Press & Malicious Content Evaluation

There might be some bad info related to you or your brand for any reason, or some hateful content can be generated to harm your image. We considered all that to ascertain where you have been talked about in a bad light and then assess the next strategy.

Keyword Research

What keywords are your potential customers and visitors searching for throwing up negative results about you? This helps optimize content around that to promote more positive words on those keywords.

Competitor Research

What are your competitors doing and engaged with that you are lacking? What specific things are they making right that should be in your strategy? Content analysis, gap analysis, and technical underpinnings are done to find the missing elements and work on them.

Content Development & Promotion

The content is the core strategy of any ORM process that will help you spread a well-reflected and truly valuable persona in front of your potential customers. Creative, brand-enhancing, and captivating content promotion across multiple channels with authoritative link building also helps increase your brand’s credibility and influence.

Social Media Strategies

Social media is the epitome of brand-customer engagement. We create your profile on all popular and unpopular social channels, which is a must-have first step to ensure that there are no falsified pages in your name. Then comes the step of monitoring social persona with impactful, timely, and value-proposition engagement with users.

Google My Business Page Creation

Google My Business profile is important as it helps to create a strong presence in your local market, along with monitoring and controlling Google reviews. The right information, including brand name, address, and contact details, helps to establish factual things about your brand.

Wiping Off Negative Results

A plethora of information related to your brand can create a damaging impression. This can include social media posts, trolls, unflattering images, negative news articles, etc. Our focus is on removing the negative contents from all the resources, past and present.

Strategic Yet Customized Planning

An action plan that takes into account your entire web presence, enveloping tons of smaller tasks, is what we process so that your image gets improved drastically. We focus on each minute to major details for holistic online reputation management.

Result Monitoring and Timely Reporting

Is the strategy yielding fruitful results? Proper monitoring of the strategies and steps to assess the process and create further strategies is extremely important. Timely reporting is provided to you on a monthly or quarterly basis.

What Factors Do We Consider to Determine the Pricing for Reputation Management Services?

On average, the online reputation management cost of a project can run anywhere between $5000 to $1,00,000. However, all that depends on what you require from the package, how much damage has been done to you or your brand’s image, and how much effort and time it will take for the ORM to show results.

While some companies charge an inadequate amount (exploiting your need for immediate action) without working through a quality process and delivering any quality result, you won’t have to worry about us. We have a proper strategy in place that takes into each aspect of a particular project, which helps us determine and quote the right price to you.

Factors that we take into account to determine the ORM pricing:

  • Project’s Complexity Level
  • Do you require only Google reviews to be removed? Do you want to assess and remove all the negative online materials from anywhere on the web? Are the negative links and reviews on highly trustworthy outlets like a popular international publication requiring much effort to remove the bad press? Do you want us to maintain and manage your social media activities?

    It’s the intricacy of the project that defines what steps to take and how much effort to put into it, and that is what determines the project cost.

  • Resources Involved and Steps Taken
  • The steps needed to be taken for the entire strategy implementation need constant effort from all the team members. Their unwavering focus on creating quality content and marketing campaigns mean slogging through the day and night to get desired results and create a stellar online reputation.

  • Time Taken to Get the Result
  • Time is money. And therefore, this factor can’t be overlooked when developing the project cost quote. The rebuilding process can take days, weeks, or months depending on how damaging the present reputation is and what efforts are needed.

  • Proactive Reputation Defender
  • Some projects are usual, with negative Google reviews, bad press, or a social media troll or complaint. However, some are intricate projects, meaning they are in total disarray, and if something isn’t done right away, their whole reputation is at stake. These need immediate and proactive actions to resurrect the brand and create a positive impact involving multiple layers of strategies, inputs, efforts, and a long time. Such projects’ cost starts from anywhere around $1,000, and it is usually non-negotiable.

All the above aspects become critical to determining the internet reputation management pricing calculation.

We analyze your image before we create ORM action plans.

Our Reputation Management Process:

After you sign up for a package of your choice, we will follow a simple yet result-oriented process for your online reputation management campaign. This is how it looks like:

  • In-Depth ORM Analysis
  • We use the most suitable tools to assess your online presence, including customer reactions.

  • Well-Researched Campaign Creation
  • We take into account deep research and facts to understand your online positioning, your reputation, industry, and customers to craft the campaign plan.

  • Streamlined and Budget-Friendly Plans
  • A custom-tailored plan is created that is streamlined to what you need, how it has to be done, and all that within your budget constraint.

  • Saturation of Search Results
  • We work by suppressing negative reviews and news by publishing more and more positive news that dominates the search results.

  • Search Result Monitoring
  • Constant monitoring of search results to keep track of positive online image and suppress negative results if and ever it comes

  • Optimizing & Owning Social Media
  • Create impactful social media profiles, remove negative elements, engage in customer conversations, and spread the positive word.

  • Brand Promotion
  • Advertising campaigns that promote the brand on multiple channels and high authority websites to build brand awareness.

  • Review Management
  • Encouraging more positive reviews, disputing negative reviews, or having them deleted. More positive reviews mean negative reviews are pushed down, which no one will see.

  • Corporate Leadership Promotion
  • Articles, blogs, and multimedia content creation and promotion that enhances the brand’s positive visibility online, and repute as well as showcase corporate leadership.

  • Search Result Reworking
  • Executing multiple strategies that help to alter the search results vividly.

  • Damage Control Strategy
  • We keep an eye on any negative reviews, feedback, and other negative material, with an instant-step process to counter that and manage damage control.

  • Strategic Website Targeting
  • Some websites are key to giving your brand the upshot. These include, of course, Google, social networking giants like Facebook, top review and rating sites like Yelp, and also the people-search site MyLife.

  • Constant Reporting and Reporting
  • We track every aspect of ORM regularly, and send timely reports to our clients.

Kindly note that this is a standard process we follow, however, for some ORM projects this may be customized and the online reputation management pricing maybe determined considering the process we approach.

Want to Remove Information From the Internet?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Pick an Online Reputation Management Pricing Package?

The chart on this page above, at the top, includes all three plans with specific activities and tasks we will undertake. Assess all that and see which fits your requirement and budget. If you are still confused, you can arrange a call with our executive, who will evaluate your current position and consult you on which plan will fit your needs best.

Can I Get a Custom ORM Package?

Yes, you can get that. For this, we will need to know about what issues you are facing and what is your project’s stature at the moment. We will conduct a thorough analysis and audit and then come back to you with a customized ORM plan and package.

Is Your Reputation Management Pricing Flexible?

While we have created our ORM pricing plans based on a detailed analysis and calculation, we would love to hear more about which specifics you want and which you don’t, which will help us create a custom package for you.

Can I Negotiate the Reputation Management Pricing?

Well, on your part, you are free to do that. However, we must ascertain that we have calculated the ORM pricing plans with much consideration and factoring in every aspect. We believe in quality work, and with the result we guarantee to offer you, you will surely find that worth investing in.

What if I Don’t Opt for ORM? Can it Damage My Repute?

Not necessarily. But you need to know that you can not control everything posted by anyone about you and your brand. Sometimes, it is not a discontented customer but your competitors too who can resort to such tactics to tarnish your image. There is a lot of misguided information and maligning content posted online about a brand they aren’t responsible for and don’t know about. This is where monitoring your online reputation becomes critical. Whenever there is an event like that, even a single negative review, you need to put in damage control effort else it can ruin your popularity.

Is Reputation Defender Service Costly? How Much Will It Cost?

A reputation defender process is for more complicated ORM projects and needs more effort and investment, maybe including some legal aspects. That is why it is usually on a higher price index. On average, it can start from $1000 and go further, depending on your particular project.

How Have You Decided on the ORM Pricing?

There is a lot that goes into that. The project’s intricacy level, resources required, channels to take, online mediums to target to remove negative materials, efforts to put into those, content promotion, social media activities, and time by when the positive results will start appearing; all these are critical factors that determine the pricing.

What Process Will You Undertake Concerning Your Affordable ORM Packages to Clean Up the Online Reputation?

Apart from our professional, experienced, and skilled ORM managers taking control of the project flow, we use top-notch reputation management software, tools, and techniques to monitor and analyze the online reputation. This helps us to map out a plan, create a strategy and then work on that, with timely evaluation and process plan.

In How Much Time Will I be Able to See Positive Results?

It all depends on how much damage has been done to your brand and image. Also, the project’s complexity and efforts, time, and resources that will be put into the process determine when you can start seeing positive results. Usually, it takes around two months to get the desired results.

Are There Different ORM Services? And do They Cost Differently?

There are full-fledged reputation management services and specific ones, including reputation repair, maintenance, reputation defender, and many more services. Online reputation repair service costs usually start from $1000.

Online Reputation – It Takes Years to Build, Seconds to Get Destroyed!!

Is your online reputation affecting your brand or your image? Cover your online reputation and presence with our help.

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