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These social media platforms are booming at the moment. Each of the social media platforms is packed with mind boggling perks that can make your life better. But with each of its perks, there comes a risk of getting imposed by someone else. Isn’t it?

People from different corners of the world are accessing your information and there are fair chances of you ending up with a couple of the same profile under your name. The problem is that your followers will be diverted to those unauthorized profiles.

For example, if you type type “Ethane Web” on Instagram, there will be a list of other results popping up like this,

Ethane Web Technologies Verification Shot

Now, this could be a confusing task for Mark’s followers to tell which of this one belongs to Mark. But now with this blue tick icon, you can easily understand the account belongs to the authoritative person.

In the year 2018, Instagram launched this new feature which allows users to have a blue tick icon beside their profiles which indicates they are verified. It means Instagram has confirmed that the account is authentic and belongs to the authoritative person.

Now, you’re intrigued to know how to verify your Instagram account, isn’t it?

The reason is quite obvious that you don’t want your potential followers to be in a dilemma. If people are confronting too many search results under your name, it will be hard for them to detect which one belongs to you. So, a blue badge is mandatory.

But how do you have that? How do you get a blue check on Instagram?

Don’t worry! Keep your calm. We’ll be presenting you with the simple steps to get verified on Instagram. So, let’s jump in,

How to Get Verified on Instagram? — A Step-By-Step Process

Fortunately, the process of Instagram verification is only a couple of minute’s work. You can simply do it on the go.

Let’s learn and repeat the step with us,

  • Log In Your Instagram Profile
  • Request A Verification
  • Confirming Your Identity | Done!

Brief on the points of how to get a blue check on Instagram is as, keep reading…

RBS Reputaiton Management     Log In Your Instagram Profile

The first step is to log in to your profile. If you have multiple accounts on Instagram, make sure you are logged into the real one of which you want to get verified.

RBS Reputaiton Management     Request A Verification

Now comes the second step. Head over to the right corner of the profile page.

  • To first, click on your website logo.

Request a Instagram Account Verification

  • Second, click on the setting section from the drop-down menu.

Click on the setting button

  • Finally, now tap the account and click on the request verification.

tap the account and click on the request verification

RBS Reputaiton Management     Confirming Your Identity

Once you click on the “request verification”, a page will pop up like this.

Confirming Your Identity

Here you’ve to provide the user name, your original name, and fill the other details properly. You’ve to upload an official document or government-issued ID card in order to proceed with the verification process. This could be your driver’s license, government-issued identity card, or passport. And if the account is for business purposes, you can upload a tax return or utility bill under your company name.

Now tap send.

tap send

Instagram doesn’t approve your account right away. You have to wait for a while to let them review your application. Generally, they look for authenticity, uniqueness, notability, and profile completeness to get you a verified badge.

Once they review your application and verify it, you’ll get a notification stating whether it’s approved or denied. There is no specific deadline to complete this overall process but usually, they take a couple of days to complete the verification.

We get queries from our user asking, how to get verified on Instagram for free?

So, let us warn you that Instagram doesn’t ask for money to get yourself verified on their platform. If you ever were requested to pay money, remember this is a red flag and never pay money to anyone.

People are getting scammed by falling for such lurking offers of getting yourself verified on Instagram. But the platform doesn’t even consider paid promotional content your verification requirements. Therefore, don’t fall for such scams in order to get yourself verified.

Now, the most awaited question,

What Are The Benefits of Instagram Blue Check Mark?

In a simple line, getting yourself verified on Instagram is worth it. You might be thinking Instagram bluetick is just a cool badge but this is not the only reason why people request for verification. There are other unknown perks attached to it and we’ll be covering those up here.

RBS Reputaiton Management     You Won’t Lose Potential Followers

As we have told before that when you have multiple accounts under the same name, it can confuse a potential follower. This results in a reduced follower base on your authenticated profile.

Therefore the best thing about getting a blue tick on your profile is that your followers will click on your profile without getting diverted. And you’ll never lose your potential followers.

RBS Reputaiton Management     It Shows You’re Notable Person

People don’t usually get a blue badge on Instagram. If you’ve made a significant mark on the platform, you’ll not get a badge. So, when you have it, it shows your notability. It shows you are a newsworthy person and it creates a follower base of your own.

To put it simply, getting a verified badge on Instagram means you’re considered as a publicly-known figure. If you don’t have a certain range of followers on the platform, the chances of getting yourself a blue check mark become vague.

RBS Reputaiton Management     It Boosts Your Instagram SEO

The best way to get your account rank at the top of the search result on your name is by getting an Instagram checkmark. The Instagram algorithm prioritizes the profiles with blue badges. So if someone types your name, they’ll end up landing on your profile. It’s a way to get additional exposure on the platform.

Now, the saddening truth is that Instagram doesn’t verify everyone’s accounts. If you send a verification request upon reading our guide, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get one. So, here are some tips and tricks that will get you one step closer.

Tips To Get A Blue Checkmark On Instagram

We’ve covered some important tips and tricks that will help you take one step ahead to get a verification sign on Instagram. Let’s take a look,

RBS Reputaiton Management     Show Your Profile Completeness

The first thing that the Instagram team notices upon receiving the verification request is the profile’s completeness. If you don’t have a complete profile, it means you’re rejected in the first place.

They won’t even check the other criteria no matter how big your follower base is.

So make sure you complete all the required things to get your profile completed. It includes your profile bio which is optimized, a profile image and at least a single post in a day. These are a must-have to get an Instagram check mark.

RBS Reputaiton Management     Show Your Authenticity

The bio part should represent your true self, not something that confuses a reader.

So, whether you’re a notable brand or registered businesses, show your reality rather than faking it.
Your account needs to represent your real images. This is the second step to follow to get a blue tick on Instagram profiles.

RBS Reputaiton Management     Be Notable

Instagram doesn’t take verification requests casually. It means you’ve to take extra caution not to get rejected in the first place. One of the major pointers here is to be newsworthy.

Instagram checks whether you are featured in many news sources.

So, you have to have PRs on your name. You can consult with your local news channel to get yourself extra visibility. But keep your authenticity as Instagram doesn’t consider paid promotional content.

RBS Reputaiton Management     Request Verification For a Single Account

According to Instagram terms and policies, you can’t have multiple verified accounts for your brand or yourself. However, Instagram does allow a user to have language-specific profiles. But don’t send multiple requests at a single time. It will cancel all your requests in such cases.

RBS Reputaiton Management     Have a Strong Visibility

You have to have strong visibility outside the platform as well. So, make sure you have a clean presence on Google as well in order to prove your authority.

Also, Instagram requires you to post at least once in a day to get the Instagram blue check. So, you should not apply for verification unless you have a robust presence on the platform.

Things Not to Do Prior to Getting the Instagram Checkmark

There are certain things that you should refrain from doing if you want to get an Instagram verified checkmark. Instagram takes the verification process on a serious note, therefore any single mistake from your end can make them ignore your request.

Since people are unknown to such facts, we’ll be covering up the same for you. Make sure you adhere to the below points in order to stay ahead in the game.

RBS Reputaiton Management     Don’t Link Other Social Channels

Cross-promotion is strictly prohibited in the Instagram bio. You can’t ask people to follow you elsewhere on your bio.

RBS Reputaiton Management     Don’t Fall For Scams

There are third party agencies who claim that they can get yourself verified on Instagram which is not true at all. You have to log in through your profile to get yourself verified on Instagram. There is no third party required to get the Instagram blue checkmark.

RBS Reputaiton Management     Don’t Break the Instagram Guidelines

You need to adhere to Instagram’s guidelines in order to get the verification badge. Even after you get your badge. You should abide by their guidelines else Instagram may take away the badge anytime. So, don’t promote any other social channel or break any rules on the platform.

What If You Don’t Get Verified On Instagram?

Even though you’ve adhered to all these rules and regulations, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll end up receiving an Instagram checkmark. You may not be lucky at the first time but this doesn’t imply you should never apply again.

Here’re some steps you should follow if you don’t get your account verified within a single request.

RBS Reputaiton Management     Wait For Your Brand To Become Newsworthy

The reason for not getting an Instagram bluetick can be that you’re not newsworthy. Instagram requires you to have a strong presence outside the platform.

Therefore, if you haven’t made it yet your account won’t be verified by them. So, let’s wait for the right time. Meanwhile, you should keep doing the work so that you get featured on the top news sources.

RBS Reputaiton Management     Don’t Apply For a Short-cut

There is no short-cut to get an Instagram checkmark. In any way, you have to prove your established personality of yourself or your brand to get the badge.

So, don’t believe in any short cut of applying for paid promotional content or pay money to Instagram to get the badge. This will only delay the process. And even you may lose your account in the worst-case scenario.

RBS Reputaiton Management     Don’t Forget to Reapply

If you have not received the blue tick mark on Instagram doesn’t mean that you should not reapply. You can easily apply the same process after a gap of 30 days to get the process rolling. So, don’t be upset if you don’t get the badge within a single try.


Having a verified badge on Instagram helps you to improve your online reputation. And you can’t deny the impact of reputation in this digital era. Isn’t it? But, Instagram considers your overall personal reputation so far in order to give you the blue badge. So, if you don’t have a clean reputation on popular platforms like Google, you may end up ruining your Instagram profile as well.

Since there is no better way to prove your validity rather than using Google, it’s wise to establish your reputation on Google at first before jumping to any other platform. So, consult with an online reputation management agency in order to come up with an astounding online presence that will further help you to take one step closure to get the blue tick on Instagram profiles. Else you may end up applying and reapplying multiple times which could easily be done in a single request.

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