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Online reviews are the stepping stone of online business success. More than 93% of people prefer to check online feedback before they make any decision. So the number is impressive enough for business owners to keep an eye on – how their venture is viewed by their online customers.

Online reviews are like the internet’s word of mouth, when people find you genuine and they love your product or services, you get tons of positive feedback that spreads your brand’s name in the market. The more positive reviews you get, the more business you pull. Satisfying feedback can strengthen your wobble business. So it is advisable to expand the chance of getting reviewed by registering into the best review sites.

If you are someone who does not know what an online review site is and why you should go for it, then you are in the right place. Scroll down to educate yourself a bit about this topic.

What is an Online Review Site?

An online review site is a website where reviews can be posted about people, businesses, products, and services. People who have purchased from a brand can post their experience on the review site. Other possible buyers can see their feedback and it helps them to make buying decisions.

Online review sites are like an umbrella, where reviewers and brands can co-exist. People can share their opinion publicly and brands get reviewed. Such online review sites are the connection gateway between brands and buyers.

Often brands use this powerful marketing tool to drag traffic, generate leads, and convert. Examples of best review sites are – Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

Why it is Important to your Business to get Reviewed

In this competitive world, new companies are popping up every single day. All want to make their footprint in the web world, online reviews can be your mantra to stand out in the market.

Here are three major reasons to get a review, they are –

1. Product/Services Buying Decision

Around 95% of customers check online feedback before buying anything. If they find good words about you, they may want to purchase from you. Moreover, it influences their purchase decision.

People have become more tech-savvy than before and review empowered buyers make an informed decision. Even before buying software, they tend to check the company’s feedback. So online reviews work for B2B businesses too.

2. Brand Awareness

When your past customers say good things about you on business review sites it amplifies your brand reach and possible leads may get to know about you. Maybe your potential leads are not ready to buy from you right now, but they will keep you in mind for future needs.

Always try to stay on the top of their mind, if you want to sustain for a long time in the Market.

Often you may have some issues that push your image down, in that case, opt for online reputation management services. Talk to the experts to know the best possible remedies to get your shine back.

3. Customer Trust

When you win your customer’s trust, then you win half of the battle. Business with extraordinary brand loyalty stays always a step ahead in the market.

When did a new prospect want to know they can rely on you or not? What proof can you show them?

Show them the awesome feedback you got from your leads. Testimonials are the best example of social proof on which your possible customers can rely.

Highlight your glowing review to pull more customers towards you.

Through reviews, a business can understand what their customers are liking about them, what products are ruling in the market, or which employee is rocking at customer service. So business rating sites throw some light on all these areas.

Well, you have got a holistic view of what online review sites are and why you should go for them. Here we have gathered the best review sites for you, use them properly to skyrocket your business growth. Let’s get into them.

18 Best Review Sites For Your Business

When you opt for more business review sites you maximize your chance of getting reviews. Make sure you have registered yourself with top review sites.

Don’t know about them? Well, keep reading to point out some best review sites where you can get more leads.

1. Google My Business

Assuming you have a brick mortar office, get listed yourself in Google My Business. Treat it like an online business card. Provide your office address, location, and phone. Make sure you are giving up-to-date, relevant information. Optimize your site by adding location-specific keywords. your potential customers may search like -’ best restaurant near me, Google may show up your website based on location, relevance, and other factors.

It helps to maintain online reputation locally. Take all the necessary steps to make your business visible in your preferred location.

2. Facebook

Facebook still rules the social media universe. With 2.2 billion active users it has become the queen of all social media platforms. Having a Facebook business page does not cost you anything but accelerates your business growth.
Request your customers to post a review about your business on Facebook and give ratings.

The only drawback is that as a page owner or admin you can delete negative reviews, so don’t solely rely on that. You may want to uplift your Facebook reputation by adopting online reputation management.

3. Yelp

Another best review site is Yelp. provide all the business details and register with your business email. This online review site trains small business owners about how to respond to reviews.

Customers who leave business reviews on this business review site are known as yelper. Often they may shoot you, with fake reviews. Request to yelp for removing those reviews or learn how to remove yelp reviews.

4. Amazon

Amazon is a popular review site. Often people buy bulk items and sell on amazon, even in that case they can check reviews. Products with the five starters and positive reviews help other customers to make the decision.

5. Trip Advisor

Maybe you are in an industry like travel, hotel, airline, entertainment, then opt for a top review site like Trip advisor. It is one of the popular review sites that carry 225 million reviews, opinions.

They publish awesome blog posts regarding low-fare air tickets, budget-friendly hotels, and others. Many people check them out before heading for a trip.

6. Twitter

Though Twitter is not the platform where customers actively search for reviews, still you can take advantage of it by adding a relevant hashtag. If people search with that hashtag they can see the review post. A study conducted by Hubspot has shown that tweets with CTA converted more than a tweet with no CTA.

You can start your favorites by adding positive reviews, this will be easier to find in the future for marketing purposes.

7. GlassDoor

This is an employee review site where people can get to know about any company, their interview process, or work culture. A candidate who is going to give an interview to a particular company can check their online goodwill before heading to the interview table.

It does not cost you anything to create an employer account on this site. Most employers try to create a brand but you can use the positive review to encourage your current management team.

However, if you’re an organization and already sustain a bad reputation on GlassDoor website then opt for reputation repair services or learn how to remove negative GlassDoor reviews.

8. Yellow Page

This is the most popular local directory site that helps location-based businesses to find their leads. Companies can manage their review and get a free business listing on this top review site.

9. Angie List

It is one of the top review sites based in the US. It is free for companies to set up a page, once you are done, ask your customers for a review on AngieList. Reviewers have to pay for their membership and reviews can not be anonymous which helps to cut down fake reviews.

As reviewers are original and they are paying members, reviews are also genuine and accurate. This feature has made this site more trustworthy.

10. Yahoo

This business review site is most similar to the Google My Business site. Reviews with a five-star rating. Recently it has partnered with Local works, you may have your business presence on Facebook or other directories but this listing site makes your brand image locally.

11. City Search

This business review site provides genuine original reviews. Except for all the functionality this site shows the best winner in your category. Suppose you are searching for a ‘kids salon’,.They will suggest you best choice based on your search result. So it is helpful to make the decision.

12. Insider Page

You can join this review site, apply for the chosen campaign, then select your product. Insider will send you an exclusive pack. You can use them and share your experience online. It works on influencer marketing. Your opinion matters to other buyers.

13. Better Business Bureau

This is one of the best review sites in terms of trustworthiness. You need to go through a few steps to get accreditation from BBB. Once you get it, you can use their logo on your product materials.

They also handle the complaint carefully.

14. Four Square

Almost 55 million people are using this business review site. It lets you use the app from any location. your future customers can find you from here by looking at your five-star reviews.

15. Bing Local

Getting started with BingLocal is a hassle-free process. Put your business details and edit and get listed into this one of the best review sites. It also allows you to promote your business by advertising.

16. Mantra

This online review site works, particularly for B2C. Few small businesses do not have a website. Mantra business review site can enhance your web presence. They don’t charge anything for sign-up, so if you are a start-up with a funding issue, go for this one of the best review sites.

17. Consumer Affairs

This online review site collects feedback, engages consumers, and manages all the customer services. If you are an SMB, especially into home insurance, gym, or product subscription-based services this site will work best for you.

18. G2 Cloud

If you are selling software then rely on this online review site for better leads. Encourage your customers to share their experiences on this platform. Use your best review on social media to drag more traffic.

Wrapping Up

No matter if you are into B2B or B2C business, try to make your business a visible review site. Don’t limit yourself to one or two online review sites, rather try to use as many as possible.

Make sure you are providing the best services, then ask your customer to give feedback. Request them for reviews just after they buy from you. Their experience remains fresh in their mind, so there is a good chance you get some positive feedback.

Place your positive feedback at the center of your website and share your social media. Register yourself with the best review sites and monitor how people are perceiving your brand. If you find your brand in the limelight then congratulations! Otherwise, go for reputation management services that help you regain your shine.

If you are looking for a dependable reputation marketing agency, here we will suggest you choose RBS Reputation Management Agency as they provide all the necessary reputation marketing services to flourish your business.

RBS Reputation Management Agency is Asia’s top reputation management company with head office in Noida and has branches in West Bengal and the US.

They offer a wide range of reputation management services from brand reputation management to removal services. If you are stuck with bad reviews or other reputation issues, don’t think twice to dial-up their ph no that is +91 (999) 968-3773 or you can shoot them an email at –

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