Manage Google Reviews
to Empower your Online Presence

Online reviews hold its repute for being the word-of-mouth in this web-world. And Google being the most preferred search engine around the world is emerging as #1 online review site. Hence a disgruntled customer’s review on Google might turn out to be the deal-breaker for your business reputation. No wonder, businesses today are striving to manage google reviews in order to furbish their online persona.

A wretched online reputation is undoubtedly the hindrance to the success of your business. Over the years of serving efficaciously to manage and remove bad google reviews, RBS Reputation Management has emerged as a leading review removal service provider. Our team combines both the expertise and dedication together to attain the desired fruition for our clients.

Talk to our experts to build a rock-star online persona.

Why should you hire
RBS to fix bad Google reviews?

*** Have a look ***

Our proactive reputation experts tactically remove and manage reviews precisely.

Get your reputation fixed on time with our crafted and modish approaches or we’ll remove bad reviews for free.

We offer full-stack internet removal services starting from managing your online presence to removing redundant information.

️We understand the panic strikes when a negative review pops up, we offer 24*7 support to hold your hand until we remove reviews that are impacting your business.

Delete Negative Reviews:
You’ve got the will. We’ve got the way.

The process of deleting defamatory information From Google can be difficult, time-consuming, and flat-out awkward. But it’s all worth it when you start acquiring new customers seamlessly. Considering the latest data that 85% of consumers consider online reviews prior to making a purchasing decision or even paying a visit, the inevitable key to success is to remove negative business reviews and fix your reputation. But, it’s not an easy task unless you take precise measures.

RBS Reputation Management offers you a full-stack removal service that prioritizes managing google review without abating the customer experience. Our proactive reputation experts can help you build a rock-star appearance online.

*** Here’s how we manage google bad reviews ***

We consider digital confrontation in the removal process rather than reaching out privately.

Our experts conduct thorough research prior to kick-starting the review removal process.

We don’t choose to argue if it holds water, rather we choose to apologize and promise to provide a better solution.

Resolving the issues to decrease customer churn is what we endeavor through our internet removal services at RBS Reputation Management.

Our Google Review Removal Services Include

Google reviews play a key role in local ranking factors. As the way people perceive your business largely depends on your online presence. A whopping number of people consider Google as a trusted review site, hence a tarnished response can bring a serious decline in your business. Manage google reviews with our services that includes tactically handling google review, removing slander reviews, blocking defamatory complaints in the future, etc.

Editing Google Reviews

Tactically Editing Google Reviews

Our experts don’t lash out of panic when a negative review pops up. Rather we craft an unbeatable strategy to handle such reviews. Starting from pushing down the defamatory reviews and responding to a grumpy customer instantly without abating their experience, our Google review removal assistance manages it all here.

Blocking Defamatory Complaints

Blocking Defamatory Complaints

We don’t assist you to delete a bad review, rather we remove reviews from Google permanently while burying negative comments deep down and block them from appearing again in the near future. Leveraging our top-notch online reputation/review management tools, we block future complaints and build up your online persona.

Removing Slander Online Reviews

Removing Slander Online Reviews

Removing slander online reviews from google is equally important as responding to a negative review. As of, negative reviews are equally proportional to your online image. A slander on google business listing can bring serious harm in business growth. But our experts tactically remove google reviews and empower your business.

Join your Hands with India’s Leading Google Review Removal Company.

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How we can help you with our
Internet Review Removal Services?

In the last couple of decades, the web world has taken a paradigm shift. The rate at which your business grows today largely depends on how aptly you manage your digital reputation. RBS Reputation Management lets you relax while we take care of your reputation with our full-stack internet removal services. Our guaranteed review removal service includes personal reputation management, unwanted fake review removal, redundant page removal, social media privacy.

Optimizing your Business Listing

Optimizing your Business Listing

We craft a perfect profile on google my business page to claim business listings that belong to the organization. Leveraging top-notch tools we rectify the listings of your location across the search, business directories, and maps.

Retaining Social Media Privacy

Retaining Social Media Privacy

In this web-driven world, your business is highly susceptible to data hacking and information forgery. Our full-stack internet removal services shield you from data thievery and maintain your privacy.

Managing Individuals Repute

Managing Individuals Repute

Maintaining your personal online reputation is critical to the upshot of your endeavors. When it comes to personal reputation management, a well-maintained personal reputation portrays an apposite digital image. Our personal reputation experts offer you a 360-degree solution to manage google reviews after thoroughly scrutinizing your online reputation.

Fake Google Review Removal

Unwanted Fake Google Review Removal

Unwanted information in the form of review, irrelevant pages, should be removed in order to build up a strong online presence. Having unnecessary pages that don't match the search query of your customers will seriously hamper your customer retention rate. Our experts tactically remove bad reviews and help you grow. Let us fix your reputation while you sit back.

How to Remove
Bad Google Reviews? Simplified Process!

We all are well aware of the fact that a bad google review kills a brand. When negative reviews incur against your brand name, you can’t overlook the urgency to manage google reviews. But, removing defamatory information from google and managing your reputation is not a tyro’s job. RBS Reputation Management leverage topnotch review monitoring tools and expertise to take down a negative review.

*** Here is how we delete a bad review ***

ask the Author to Delete Google Review

Tactically ask the Author to Delete Google Review

You can’t get a webmaster to remove reviews unless you leverage some tactics. Some of these include appealing to the altruistic side, trying out the charity side, or taking the capitalist side. We don’t consider lashing out on customers to delete negative reviews rather we approach in a polite manner to make them remove a slander.

Revert Back

Revert Back to Fix Bad Google Reviews

A strong proof can reduce the credibility of a false claim. Our instant review monitoring tools allow instant revert back to the reviewer pointing up the actual facts. Responding to your customers within no time helps to remove online reviews and create strong credibility for your brand.

Flag the Review

Flag the Review to Remove Fake Google Reviews

The process of managing google reviews can be an intricate task until you know how to flag a review. The simple process lets you remove negative reviews from google following a simple step. Subsequent to finding the review hover over it and click the flag icon there. Once you’re directed to the privacy violation page click the submit button and get one step closer to fix bad google reviews.

Contact with Google

Contact with Google to Remove Bad Reviews

Google lets you remove negative reviews if you gather information to prove it’s illicit. Our online reeputation management experts (review defenders) conduct thorough research to gather the report if a review doesn’t hold water. Rather than dropping a mail to Google assistance, we choose to make a phone call to ensure instant review removal.

What should you look before
Taking a Google Review Removal Assistance?

It’s not an easy-breezy task to manage google reviews. Only a verified professional firm can only ensure your online success while seamlessly removing online reviews to build a rock-star online appearance. Since several factors come into play prior to choosing an agency let us help you out here.

*** Check out the considerable features prior to choosing a removal service ***

Make Amends

Check their Approaches: Checking the approaches that an internet removal services provider leverages is one of the crucial factors in determining the success of content removal. A well-crafted and out-and-out approach aims at providing long-term solutions and further block any unwanted review to occur on the internet.

Check Previous Work

Check their Previous Work: Previous work examples can give you an insight into the company’s competency, expertise, and exceptionality. Hence, prior to choosing an agency, have a look through their previous work samples.

Pricing Structure

Check their Pricing Structure: Pay heed to check a company’s pricing structure prior to hiring a removal firm. Since different factors play a decisive role in the pricing structure, check out if it suits your budget.

We Are Devoted Google Review Removal Agency!

Frame a authentic social | Google reputation with our online reputation management services today.


Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to delete negative reviews?

In order to delete bad reviews from Google, there are several approaches to take starting from asking the author to remove it, responding back instantly.

Why should we hand over this intricate task to you?

RBS Reputation Management is a certified agency in India. Over the years we’ve served global prospects with 360-degree solutions to manage google reviews.

What time can I expect to get your fake google review removal done?

Typically google flagging process to remove a review takes 72 business hours. However, depending on the intricacy level, a thorough method may take a couple of months to attain a desirable outcome.

How can your google review removal service will help me to grow?

Our review removal service leverage top-notch review monitor tools and expertise to empower a business. Starting from editing the review to tactically revert back the customer-we manage it all.

Will you provide your service for free?

We guarantee to remove negative reviews within a few business weeks. The desirable fruition will be attained within the timeframe. If we fail, we’ll serve you for free.

Is my payment safe with you?

Over the years serving global prospects, we hold our repute in being one of the best internet removal service providers. Hence your payment is entirely secured with us.

Have you not find the best Google review removal service yet?

Don’t delay to set up a free consulation with our reputation defenders. We can cover your online presence.

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