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Reputation management websites work much like word-of-mouth today. The more people talk positively about you the better revenue you generate and the more people talk negatively the lesser growth you notice in your business.

Both the negative and positive talking in the digital world is conducted through reviews, comments, social media posts, blogs, articles, PR, videos, etc.

So, if negative reviews, comments, blog posts, videos, are hitting you badly, then it’s time you consider the latest ORM practices on top-rated websites to get the maximum visibility.

According to Techopedia, “ORM is the practice of crafting strategies that shape or influence the public perception of an organization, individual or other entity on the internet. It helps drive public opinion about a business and its products and services.”

To understand the importance of ORM needs and practices, Google your company name or your name and gauze what the first page is saying about you.

Note: Conduct the above activity in incognito mode to get the optimum results of what exactly people are talking about you.

Are people talking in favor of you? Or is the page filled with negative comments, reviews, ratings?

Whether they’re in favor of you or not, ORM is the constant practice that helps you maintain a positive appearance throughout your journey.

To understand more clearly about ORM trends, practices, and its importance you can read our blogs on the ORM tutorial.

List of ORM Websites to Make an Impactful Online Presence

Prior to delving into the list of websites, let’s address the importance of listing your business to these ORM websites.

Well, the practices of ORM are divided into a few major steps. This includes taking charge of online information, removing defamatory links, nurturing your online presence, etc.

To conduct all the above steps, an online reputation management company considers listing yourself or your organization on the major domains like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Having the highest domain authority, optimizing the content on these sites can immediately improve your online presence.

But, there are countless websites on the internet, so we’ve penned down only the significant ones to make the best and effective impact on the web world.

Let’s get started,

  • YouTube

YouTube is a great ORM website or platform to take up the position on the front page and showcase positive results.

Most of the brand reputation management strategies revolve around Google but YouTube too plays a significant role in breaking or making your brand’s reputation.


Since visual content is getting the top-priority from search engines, YouTube is becoming a more and more powerful marketing platform for your business.

If you’ve negative videos about your brand on YouTube, it could adversely affect your online reputation.

Hence, having an account on this channel is crucial to make a successful impact on the digital world.

But, wait!!

You think having an account on YouTube will get your video rank on Google and improve your reputation?

Of course not, it’s not a fantasy world you’re living in. So, you’ve to optimize your videos on this ORM website for managing your reputation.

Follow these simple practices to optimize wield the maximum benefit from YouTube,

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  • Create Positive Videos

If you’ve got negative videos on your brand name and it’s showing up on Google, your reputation will be tarnished.

So, the primary step to wield the maximum benefit from YouTube and gear up your reputation is to create awesome video content to clean up the negative ones.

Once you start sharing positive, authenticate and valuable content it’ll push down the negative ones and improve your online presence.

However, there are other steps to follow up in order to maximize the effect of the YouTube platform.

  • Name of The Video File

This is the first important step to optimize the video content on YouTube to gear up its benefits.

Improper naming can ruin the whole efforts you’re putting to manage your reputation.

YouTube algorithm looks at the video file name to understand what the content is about. So, if your video is about cooking and your file name represents the kitchen, then the algorithm won’t be able to determine the exact content. (note: separate each word using a hyphen and create a lucid name for your video).

You should include keywords and synonym keywords in this phase to rank up the content.

  • Video Description

Why are you creating videos if none of your audience takes any action you want?

Well, you must be missing out to lead them to your website.

The important step while making the description is to link it to your website. And they should be encouraged enough to take action and click on your site.

Also, while making the description don’t recycle the whole content from videos as Google hates it.

Make it interesting and unique using LSI keywords and focus keywords while avoiding the keyword stuffing part.

  • SEO Practices for YouTube

Getting your video indexed on Google is not the only step. There are billions of videos out there. So, you should leverage some SEO efforts to bring your video to the top.

In order to rank for a keyword, you’ll have to build links to the video and embed it on other sites online.

It’s a tricky process but getting valuable videos on the top has a great impact on your reputation.

  • Facebook

Facebook has 2.45 billion monthly users and it’s emerging as one of the most effective ORM websites.

Having 100/100 domain authority, overlooking to strategize your brand persona on this site can cost you more than your reputation.

So, list your brand name on this platform and improve your online presence.

Follow the best practices to fire up this ORM Website

  • Claim Your Business Page

Claiming your business page on Facebook is an extremely crucial step in order to improve your online reputation.

According to Facebook updates that have rolled out recently, unclaimed local pages may contain inaccurate information and thus misguide your customers.

You can either claim the page through the Facebook business manager or through a personal account too.

  • Post Authenticate Information

Don’t fill up the pages with false and fanciful information in order to gain instant attention and improve your online reputation.

You’ll end up completely tarnishing your reputation if you do so.

People prefer to read accurate information from the pages to know you better.

So, handle this step carefully to wield the utmost benefit of Facebook.

  • Post Valuable Content

According to the top reputation builder, Facebook is one of the best ORM websites where people engage through your content.

So, share valuable and engaging content that educates your audience and make them aware of your company’s purpose.

Once people start trusting you and rely on you, a positive reputation will undoubtedly show up.

  • Engage with Your Customers

Being a social media platform that too one of the largest, Facebook brings in great opportunity to engage directly with your customers and make them perceive your brand the way you want.

But, how do you engage with your customers?

Well, you can achieve it through reviews while responding to the back. The way you respond to them shows up your brands’ persona so respond tactically on Facebook reviews to improve your online presence.

  • Twitter

Twitter is one of the effective ORM websites and micro-blogging sites to rank on the first page of Google SERP with little work.

Unlike other websites, twitter doesn’t require you to have a full-stack reputation management strategy. following up on some basic steps, you can attain a positive reputation through twitter.

Let’s look at the steps,

  • Respond Quickly

Once you have an active twitter account, customers will be interacting with you through this site.

Whether they face an issue with your service, or they find it helpful, once they tweet about your business, it’s important to respond to them within an eye blink.

Even if you don’t have an accurate answer reply them like this,

It helps build trust and credibility among your customers.

  • Be Consistent

Unless you are consistent on any ORM websites, you won’t be able to wield its complete benefits.

So, pick a time when the majority of your customers are online and post consistently.

You can leverage the power of personal reputation management tools to schedule your tweet times and set a reminder.

  • Don’t Hide Your Face

There will be people who’ll be unsatisfied no matter how tactically you manage your reputation.

So, when a grumpy, unsatisfied customer fabricates a tweet stating falsified information, it’s important to respond to them with politeness and hear their query out.

Don’t commit the mistakes like deleting the post, else you’ll ruin your reputation.

  • LinkedIn

“Active participation on LinkedIn is the best way to say, ‘look at me!’ without saying ‘look at me!”.

According to a top online reputation management company, optimizing the LinkedIn profile can work as a wonder in reputation management. Because LinkedIn contents get the highest priority when it comes to Google SERP.

This ORM website has nearly 660+ million users all over the world which makes a good target for managing one’s reputation.

Follow the simple steps to yield the most out of this platform,

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  • Optimize Your Profile with Keywords

When a user types in certain keywords, the site spits out the most relevant results. So, if you’ve not been using the right set of keywords for your profile then people won’t find you easily.

For example, if you’re a salesperson you can include “honest” in your profile or if you’re a doctor you can use “experienced” to help people find out the most relevant one.

  • Boost Your Talent

LinkedIn is a great site that encourages bragging.

You can’t write a blog post about the awards and achievements you’ve won in your field but LinkedIn has a devoted section where you can show off your achievements and awards.

Load this section with proper data and awards to showcase the talent that you hold to sound more credible on your profession.

  • Devote Consistent Time to Nurture the Profile

Setting up a profile and making some connections don’t let your reputation management plat succeed.

It takes constant efforts and long-term strategy in order to get engagements, endorsements, the credibility that leads further to successful reputation management.

But, this ORM site has great power in terms of making or breaking your online presence.

  • Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most neglected and most impactful reputation management sites having 100/100 domain authority.

If you think this social image sharing site doesn’t have any value in enhancing your brand’s presence, then it’s time to think again.

As per research Pinterest currently has 148 ranks globally on internet engagement.

Once you have set up an account on this site, you can kick-start the process of building your online reputation.

If you can properly optimize the “board” or “Pin”, there is an increased chance that you’ll show up on Google SERP for the targeted keywords.

Adding to this, when you’re setting up your board, use your brand name with a concise description of your brand’s bio using the targeted keyword.

  • Instagram

Your online reputation will be easily manageable if you know how to use Instagram.

Currently, this ORM site has reached one billion active monthly users and the number is continuously shooting up.

Instagram is one of the harmful yet helpful websites when it comes to handling your online presence or building it.

Let’s take a look at how you should use Instagram to make your online presence,

  • Share Valuable and Positive news

Any of your social sites should represent the positive side of you. So, share positive news in the form of video, GIF, Memes, etc. to make it appealing to your audience.

  • Interact with Your Customers

Instagram is one of the best ORM sites to make a user the part of your brand’s story. You can start interacting with them and hear their queries, likes, dislikes to know them more prominently.

  • Separate your Business Account from Personal

If you’re using Instagram both with a personal account and a business account, then it’s time to be more careful.

If any image or content is posted on the personal account, users may find it and it can affect your online presence.

It’s best to hire a reputation management firm in case you’re unable to manage your ORM sites on your own.

Some Trending ORM Sites

Apart from the above-mentioned sites, there are few other Online reputation management websites to follow up.

Let’s have a look,

  • Medium

Having one of the highest domain authority (94), medium opens up the opportunity to get your content listed on the top of search results. Thus it ensures to improve your reputation.

  • Crunchbase

You can share the latest news on this ORM site to improve your ranking on the first page of SERP. It has a domain authority of 90, hence it holds a great deal of power to make your reputation.

  • Tumblr

You can share articles, videos, images, infographics, news, on Tumblr to make people aware of your brand and improve your search presence. Tumblr has a large user base and you can easily reach out to billions of people through this single platform.

Wrapping it Up

The above list contains the 7 best ORM sites that hold huge potential to make or break your online presence and also the other important sites to help you with a complete overview of managing your online reputation.

However, if you’re still not achieving success even after following the tips and tricks, it’s best to hire an online reputation builder company to figure out solutions for you.

If you’ve been using any other ORM sites, we would love to hear from you. So don’t hesitate to let us know.

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