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The public perception of a brand nowadays is highly influenced by the online information available on different platforms. And that’s what the online reputation managers are concerned with.

The prime responsibility of a reputation management manager is to make you look good on each digital platform.

They are the specialists who are entrusted upon the responsibility to monitor and control every online activity of a brand or individual. It’s upon them to make sure only the favorable reviews and ratings show up on online platforms to create a positive online persona.

But, the urgency of hiring a reputation management manager becomes too prominent when your brand hits by tons of negative comments on multiple online platforms.

So, prior to hitting by a wretched reputation, let’s delve deeper into the realm of reputation managers.

Reputation Manager Job Description

The foremost responsibility of a reputation manager is to create a trustworthy brand image and maintain it for a long time. In terms of social media profile managing, engaging with users, crafting out the best strategies to create a laudable presence– a reputation management manager is responsible.

Let’s take a look at what the reputation manager jobs include,

  • Representing The Positive Side of a Company

Online reputation has been the trend for so long that the term “online” seems to fade out. Now your entire reputation is measured by the way you represent yourself on digital media.

So, a reputation manager influences the users’ perception by putting forth the best information about the brand.

  • Building Reliability and Trust

Would you like to pick a faceless brand or a renowned one?

Everyone likes to pick the renowned one as reliability plays a key role before we start using a product.

That’s the reason why major brands have focused on building trust and reliability for several years.

A reputation management manager deals with neutralizing the bad comments and reviews to build brand loyalty.

  • Managing The Reputation Crisis

A well-crafted brand reputation strategy doesn’t lead to a reputation crisis. Still, there might be situations where a company starts suffering from a poor online presence and its revenue gets affected

Since it’s not difficult for an individual to damage one’s reputation, a reputation management manager blocks the ways of reputation damages and craft a reputation crisis management plan to prepare for any scenario.

The Responsibilities of a Reputation Management Manager

The reputation manager’s responsibilities include creating the buzz around online platforms that helps to empower a brand’s presence. We’ve crafted here the details of reputation management manager’s responsibilities to help you better understand their work,

  • Create Online Publicity

Can you convince people to pay a visit if your brand name appears out of the blue to them?

You need to get more people talking about your brand in order to increase the traffic percentage and build credibility.

One of the crucial responsibilities for a reputation management manager is to create online publicity to make your brand name synonymous with people.

For example, Apple has such a strong brand presence and reputation of its own that people won’t think of a second brand when it comes to tip-hole smartphones.

Do you think- Apple has achieved this over-night?

Well, it takes years of working on your reputation skills and your product quality to achieve a laudable impression.

Since online reputation has been a trend for so long that it no longer fits the word “online” anymore.

Let’s take a look at the list of works a reputation manager does in order to create online publicity,

  • Focus on Building a Website

Website building is the tiny first step that takes a major shift in your digital reputation.

Your website is the place where people find authenticate information about you and without it, you don’t exist in the digital world.

So, as a reputation management manager, if you see a client who doesn’t own a website, then the first and foremost thing is to build its website.

  • Create Stories Related to Your Brand

People love stories. And it’s easier to reach out to more people through stories than any other means.

That’s why an online reputation management agency believes in crafting the best storylines for their brand in order to make people emotionally attached to it.

The stories can be on your recent awards or current trend in your business and it should be written in a way that connects with a user’s emotion.

  • Promote Your Brand on Multiple Channels

Being a reputation management manager, you should know how to leverage the power of the internet.

It has the power to make or break your brand depending on the way you use it. So, promote your brand name on multiple channels like Facebook, Twitter, Slide share, Tumblr, YouTube, and so on.

It will help to create online publicity if you can conduct the above activities on a consistent basis.

  • Manage Social Media Profiles

The majority of the brands can’t use social media platforms at their best. You know why?

Because most of us think that creating a profile on multiple platforms helps your users to find you credible.

Well, it doesn’t work like that.

You need to manage your social media profiles on a regular basis to unleash its full potentiality.

Let’s take a look at how reputation management managers manage a brand’s social media profiles,

  • Posting Regular Updates

The easiest way to engage your users with your brand is by posting regular updates on social media in the form of posts, videos, live videos, status, etc.

The top-rated and guaranteed reputation management agencies form a distinct team for this who post regular updates on social media.

Take a look,

Have you seen? One of the leading shoe brand Reebok constantly updates their social media feeds to engage with their customers.

  • Monitoring Social Comments

You can’t be the “MR. Perfect” for everyone. The more your brand name becomes popularize the more hatred you’ll receive.

So, the crucial responsibility of a reputation management manager is to monitoring these social comments and take appropriate action.

You can take the help of reputation management tools, to make the process easier with automation.

  • Responding to Comments

Before we start talking about this, take a look,

Do you see how users get convinced to take action when you respond to them?

It’s one of the crucial responsibilities for reputation agencies to respond to each user. Even research shows that 47% of customers consider revisiting a store when the brand responds and take responsibility for its failures.

  • Identify The Paid and Non-Paid Ways to Promote a Brand

Promoting a brand might seem scary at first. But, it’s one of the prime responsibility for reputation management managers to identify the best way to promote a brand to increase its visibility.

If you’re a newbie in the field of reputation management and struggling to identify the paid and non-paid promotional ways for a brand, let us help you out,

  • The Paid Opportunities

When it comes to paid opportunities, people think of investing insanely high amount for advertising and marketing.

It might be thundering news for you to know that there are ways to promote a brand effectively within a low budget. Have a look,

  • Pay-per-Click (PPC)

It’s an effective paid advertising strategy most brands are looking for. Research states that through paid advertising brands can generate 65% of clicks while organically it accounts for 35% of clicks.

Also, the chances of converting a PPC visitor to a customer is higher than an organic visitor.

As a reputation management manger, you should be well-versed with the overview of this paid channel to promote your brand.

  • Social Media Ads

Have you seen the list of ads your Facebook feed loads for you based on your interest?

It’s called the social media ads through which you can reach out to your target customers more quickly.

Holding a large customer base, Facebook offers more paid marketing options for its users. It has introduced its new “audience insights” feature to help you understand your target customers.

So, it’s one of the effective ways to promote a brand.

  • Influencer Marketing

It’s one of the effective sources of paid advertisings in today’s world. Since major brands are using this trend to ensure their success in the digital world, being a reputation management manager it’s even more important to be aware of this.

The term influencer marketing refers to working with an eminent individual to encourage the target users to pick your brand.

Apart from paid advertising, there are non-paid methods that a reputation management agency leverages to promote a brand.

The non-paid Promotional Opportunities

  • Rank High on Search Engine Result Page

One of the easiest ways to get more people to visit on your site is to rank up your website high on the search engine result page. The research shows that more than half of the traffic lands on the website positioned number one on the search result page.

So, you can leverage the power of SEO and provide value to your customers to rank up on the top and gain organic traffic.

The best part?

You don’t have to pay a buck for this!!

  • Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the best non-paid promotional ways. Being a reputation management manager you should identify the targeted customers and generate authenticate email ids.

Once you’re done then create appealing content that shows the convincing power of your words to make a user to your customer.

  • Social media Posts

Creating content on social media and sharing values with your users help to promote a brand.

As of the latest ORM trends, you can use more content in the form of videos, GIFs, and memes to engage more users.

So, leverage the power of social media posts to empower a brand’s presence.

Additional Responsibilities of Reputation Manager

Apart from the above-listed responsibilities, there are a few to be listed under reputation manager responsibilities.

Have a look,

  • Social Media audit Performing to track down the social reputation.
  • Help clients to manage their website and content creation.
  • Crafting unique policies for social media management.
  • Start out a blog to spread brand awareness.
  • Analyzing the audit reports.

How to Become a Reputation Manager?

It doesn’t take rocket science to become a reputation management manager. You can establish yourself as a professional reputation manager by following simple steps,

Wanna know what the steps are?

Let’s get started!!

  • Educational Qualification

Unlike any other profession, you need to educate yourself on data analyzing, social media marketing, user trends, and the above-mentioned responsibilities to start sailing on the board of reputation management.

Since the responsibilities are largely surrounded by the digital world, having a degree in social media marketing, digital marketing, and industrial relations will help you get established.

Also an additional knowledge on reputation management tools, SEO will help you more in this journey.

  • Start Your Website

Once you acquire enough knowledge of reputation management, it’s time to start your journey on the said field.

Build a website of your own and gain people’s attention.

This will help you in two ways,

  • You’ll have more visitors and a strong reputation.
  • You can show your visitors how elegantly you’ve managed your own reputation.
  • You’ll have confidence over your work.
  • Establish The Trustworthiness

It’s important to build trust among your clients when you want to become a reputation management manager.

The responsibilities of a reputation manager are so delicate that people believe in handing them over to pro only.

So, you’ve to establish yourself as a pro in order to enhance your own reputation as a reputation manager.


what comes up when you search your brand name on Google?

Is it showing up negative PRs, defamatory comments, poor ratings?

If it’s showing, then it’s time you consult with an expert reputation management manager without a delay.

But, you know what, even if you manage to have a good online presence, it’s important to hire a reputation builder to maintain it for a long time.

Reputation managers help to cut the hassle of managing loads of tasks at a time for you. Adding to this, if you’ve ever hired professional reputation managers, then there can’t be any doubt about their quality of work.

So, empower your business by hiring top-rated reputation managers all over the world.

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