Have you noticed, some brand manages to have a strong online presence while others fail?

It’s because some manage to leverage the power of online reputation management, while others can’t.

Effective online reputation management means to consistently monitor and analyze your brand’s online presence to drive more sales and generate leads.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the world of ORM tutorial, where you’ll get to know the following,

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What are the Reasons Behind Having a Poor Online Reputation?

The majority of people get confused figuring out the reasons behind having a wretched reputation. Have you ever thought for a moment that who or what is causing damage to your reputation?

We’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look,

  • Zero Presence on Social Media

Most businesses have not yet figured out the immense potentiality of social media.

But, if a consumer searches for a product, they look online, they look on social media for customer reviews, ratings, and more. So, if you’re not present there, your competitor will win the game of customer acquisition.

  • Ignoring Reviews

Did you know, 66% of your online customers trust customer reviews? And 90% of them get influenced by user-generated content?

So, if you’ve been ignoring reviews then probably by now you’ve caused the discernible damage to your brand.

Also, responding to both positive and negative reviews is considered one of the most crucial ORM trends off late.

  • Useless Contents

Poor grammar, keyword-stuffed, filled with industry jargon, and so on. Does all of your content fall under any of these categories?

If yes, then don’t blame any other reason for having a poor online reputation.

Users visit a website to find relevant information that can resolve their queries. But if your website or blogs are filled with unnecessary keyword stuffing, poor grammar, then the majority of them will get bored and irritated.

  • Negative PR

If a negative press release comes from a highly authoritative publication, then it ‘ll immediately impact your reputation.

One such example is Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.

When Mark was hit by the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal, it cost him 16$ billion dollars.

So, irrespective of the size and scale of your brand name, a negative PR from an authoritative site is infamous in terms of causing damage to your reputation.

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  • Unproductive Team Members

Your team represents your brand. And If you’ve got the most unproductive group of people with you, then undoubtedly your reputation will suffer.

Fortunately, you can come over a poor online reputation and rebuild it at any time by having a constructive and result-oriented ORM strategy.

For some people, ORM means monitoring social media through some of the top-notch tools, while others believe it’s about PR, negative review management, review analysis, etc.

What Does ORM Mean?

ORM or online reputation management is the process of creating a positive online impression. It helps in monitoring and improving your brand image. It also helps combat competition for search result rankings.

To put it in a simpler way, ORM means taking back control of the online information and making other people perceive your brand positively.

According to seasoned digital marketers, incorporating ORM tactics in digital marketing campaigns is essential now to create and maintain a stellar online presence.

Let’s dig deep into the role of ORM in digital marketing,

What is the Role of ORM in Digital Marketing?

A few years ago, the marketing and promotional strategies of any company were way too different than today.

The marketing campaigns were more focused on billboards, posters, signs, etc. And the consumers’ boundary was too limited.

Fast forward to today, your consumer boundary has expanded globally.

People have more power to express their thoughts, emotions. So, it’s important to monitor and analyze their responses constantly to measure the customer satisfaction rate.

According to some of the best online reputation management firm, if you don’t incorporate ORM strategies into your marketing tactics, your business will undoubtedly notice a downfall.

Let’s take look at these companies who suffered from major ORM failures,

Best Examples of ORM Failures in Recent Past

Take a look at some of the major ORM failures and their destructive impact. It’ll help you draw a clear picture of the significance of online reputation management,

  • James Gunn

James Gunn is an American filmmaker, who tweeted some offensive jokes and it made him lose his position as a director of the movie, “guardians of the galaxy”.

  • Uber

Uber used to overlook to check on their drivers.

Over the years the company was allegedly attacked for the misconduct of its drivers and it made one of its founders step back.

  • United Airlines

In 2017, a video was released showing that one of the airlines’ security personnel was brutally dragging a passenger off an overboard flight. The video went viral to such an extent that it got 1 million mentions on popular social platforms.

Do you know the effect of this ignited media storm?

Well, the company lost nearly $1 billion in its market value.

Despite these major failures, none can put these companies out of the business. You know why?

They hired some of the best ORM service providers to implement useful ORM tactics to rebuild their reputation.

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ORM in Digital Marketing Tutorial: How to Maintain a Stellar Online Presence

Fortunately, there are ways to take back control of online information. If you’ve got the tactics and expertise, you can beat these negative responses easily.

Let’s take a look at some of the useful ORM activities,

  • Leverage the Power of SEO

Research shows that 33% of traffic lands on the #1 site on the search result.

SEO tactics help to get you more organic traffic by ranking your website on the top of search results. And if you’re listed on the top sites, then it’ll be more effective than your business card.

In the case of negative information showing up on the top, you should devise a marketing strategy that boosts up the positive content.

Some of the SEO tactics involve,

  • Positive and Sharable Content Creation

More than 4 million blogs get published on a daily basis.

If your content doesn’t worth a share, then it’s worthless and Google will bury down under the millions of contents.

Research states that 47% of consumers view more than 3 pieces of content before pinging to your salesman.

So, craft a piece that worth a share and provide value to your customers.

  • Link Building

One of the crucial ways how Google bots analyze the authority of your site is by measuring the number of backlinks you have.

When an authoritative website links you back, it indicates Google that your content is valuable, henceforth it should be ranked high.

A well-versed and guaranteed reputation management firm will help you to get quality links that lend you credibility and rank you high.

Note: Google doesn’t consider “Nofollow” links now as of latest ORM trends.

  • Promoting Content

There are billions of people on this earth. But, your business targets only a segment of these. Right?

What if you’re promoting content but none finds it when they need it?

SEO helps you to reach out to these targeted audiences by promoting the content on the right platform.

So, your audience will have the necessary information beforehand.

  • Social Media Management

Social media platforms are infamous in terms of making or breaking your brand.

There are billions of activities going around these platforms and you can’t take a chance to miss any of these.


Any moment a simple social media post can go viral and tarnish your reputation entirely.

However, if you can manage these platforms aptly, it can open yourself up to innumerable opportunities.

Social media management is done by leveraging top-notch tools such as social mention, brand mention, Google alerts, etc., to get real-time notifications of any of the top-rated social media platforms.

  • Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is one of the effective tactics under ORM plans. Once you know the art of engaging your customer with your brand, reputation will be managed by default.

Take a look at some of the ORM trends to engage your customer,

  • Contest

You can run multiple contests to gain exposure. People love to engage in contests be it a quiz, couple dance, or anything.

  • Captivate Users’ Attention Through Visual Objects

“An average user spends 88% more time on a website with video”

The demand for video marketing is shooting up with each passing day.

Also, research shows that Facebook images get an 87% interaction rate, including comments, likes, share, etc.

So, captivate users’ attention with eye-popping images, videos, GIFs, memes, etc.

  • Using GIF and Memes

GIF and memes can convey a message to the user without wasting much time.

Recently brands are incorporating these two into their digital marketing strategies to make their content more alluring to their targeted customers.

How Does an Effective ORM Help you in Digital Marketing?

An effective ORM practice can help you with your brand’s success.

It plays a key role in digital marketing as it helps to take down the negative search results or bury them far back on the search result page.

ORM means to create new content to push down those negative ones and help your brand to come out clean like water.

Let’s take a look at how exactly an ORM strategy helps you outstand others in your field,

  • Increased Sales

65% of online consumer visits your website from online referrals. So, if you’ve built your referral list, traffic will shoot up on your site.

Take a look at both of the below pictures,

First Picture

customers review picture 1Second Picturecustomers review picture secondThe first one seems more credible, isn’t it?

Even, research says that 49% of your customers need a 4-star above rating before choosing a business.

So, an effective ORM strategy helps you to increase your sales.

  • Make Your Brand Look Credible

An ORM strategy helps you out in terms of dealing with negative responses, pushing up the positive contents, and representing your brand as an authoritative one.

Won’t it make your brand image look credible?

Well, you need to have an average of 7 reviews to make your brand look credible and ORM strategies aim to make that happen for you.

  • Better Talent

1 out of every 5 employees pays heed to the company’s review before coming for an interview.

So, if you’ve got a stellar online presence with over 3.5 stars above rating on all major review sites, then the chances increase for having better talent in your company.

How to Do ORM in Digital Marketing: Current ORM Trends in 2020

Based on the latest ORM strategies that worked well in the previous year, every year brings in some new changes in the ORM trends. And as per digital market analysists and other seasoned digital experts, we’re going spot on some new trends in 2020 too.

Let’s delve into the possible changes we can expect in the coming time,

  • Increased Value of Your Customer

Well, it’s not something new to us.

We all are well aware of the fact that your customer should be at the top of your priority list if you want to succeed without a pause.

This is an evergreen trend that’s never going to fade in and out, unlike others.

But why? What’re the reasons behind this uproar of “valuing your customer”?

Well, your customers are the basis of your business.

The purpose of kick-starting any business is to make people’s lives easier or help them in some way and that’s when you make money, right?

So, without valuing your customers, your business won’t exist.

  • Respond Positively and Politely

“Your customer’s perception is your reality” – Kate Zabriskie

Genuine customers won’t fabricate a review on any product or service. The issue they face is real and bothersome.

So, businesses are trying more and more to address their issue right away without testing their patience.

Adding to this, replying to your customers with positivity seems to work well under top-notch reputation management strategies. Why?

Take a look at which of these two reviews seems captivating to you?

Review One

“Dear John (reviewer name), we appreciate your valuable feedback. We’re very sorry to hear such experiences occurred to you. It was unusual from our side, but we definitely will do better next time. We hope you’ll give us another chance to make it better for you”

Review Two

“We have been running the business for several years so we know how to do business. If you don’t like our business, we don’t care. We’ve other customers to please”.

Do you really think, after reading review two, people will ever give you a chance?

Of course not! Even you don’t like to be treated like this by someone.

And review one seems much better and there are optimal chances that your customers will revert back to you.

  • Give Equal Importance to Positive and Negative Reviews

Businesses have often focused on only negative reviews and instantly responds to it. And they forget the positive ones which too play an equally important role.

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all” – Michael LeBoeuf

When customers take their time out to leave a comment for your services, you should appreciate it warmly.

It helps you retain them for the long term.

  • Overlooking the Trolls

Trolls are best to avoid if you want to save your company’s online reputation. Because if your customer has a genuine query, he won’t bother to troll you rather he will submit a review and points up the things to be improved from your end.

But, trolls have no specific details so if you indulge in commenting on it or making it better, then you’re beating a dead horse!

It will not only intensify your trouble but also damage your reputation to a great extent.

So, 2020 is the year from when ORM agencies stop involving in trolls.

  • Crafting Multi-Channel Strategies

Your users or customers are not going to connect with you through one source.

You need multiple strategies for each different channels that include AR and VR, Voice search, visual content, social media posts, blog posts, etc.


We’ve created this detailed ORM guide to help you sort out any problems related to online reputation. However, if your reputation is too wretched it’s best to consult with any of the best online reputation repair services to shield your presence.

If you’ve any other ORM tactics to consider, don’t hesitate to share it with us.

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