Remove Negative Search Results From Google

Remove Negative Search Results From Google

Negative reviews and bad press can be very harmful to a brand no matter how big it is for long periods and can cause loss of client trust if not handled immediately. So, it demands to remove negative Google search results.

But is it that easy to remove such reviews?

Well the answer to that question is a stern “No”. It's a tedious and stressful process often leading you to nowhere when doing it yourself because of the policies of such companies.

You might have to go to the levels of making a copyright infringement case at times for them to remove bad search results from Google and any such bad reviews. Reputation management is controlling what web users see when they search for your brand online and ensuring that only favorable customers’ ratings and feedbacks are available about your business along with articles, blogs, and posts that are in favour of your firm on popular publishing sites.

Here Are The Methods We Use To Get Rid of Negative Listings:-

  • Requesting The Publisher to Remove the Content- This is the easiest method possible. But if the host does not agree with you, then we can ask them to apply the No-Index Tag to the HTML header of the website to make sure that the search engine ignores this particular result.
  • Keywords That Cause Direct Harm to Your Brand Can Be Removed- If the publisher doesn't want to delete the page, we ask them to remove specific keywords that are directly targeting your business causing havoc so that the page appears less frequently on searches.
  • Addressing the Criticism Whenever Possible- Replying to users and helping them in any problems that they face is sometimes better than deleting their harsh comments which can cause a backlash because of the removed complaint.
  • Contacting Journalists and Newsletter Editors-If your firm is getting bad press due to some news website, then we approach their journalists to ensure that your side of the story is also heard and discussing how you could solve the said problem.
  • Increasing Your Brand Visibility- Improving your company website's rank in search results such as Google and Bing is the first thing we do by using appropriate keywords that are popular amongst surfers. We use Google's PPC AdWords platform to suppress results by making a positive campaign for your brand as Google places PPC ads higher up than standard listings.
  • Google Tools-Google provides several features to remove outdated and wrong data about your brand to ease the process. Discarding pages using Google Remove URLs Tool is one such method to remove inappropriate content.
  • Flagging-Flagging reviews is also a way to hide them if the website owner refused to take them down.
  • Address Client Problems-We always contact your customers who are facing problems and try to negotiate with them and apologise for any shortcomings from your part and ensure that they get compensation so that their negative review turn into a positive one.
  • Claim Ownership of Your Listing-We change the address and the brand name for companies where the reviews have been posted on the listing site by adding the listing on Google.
  • Create New Positive Blogs, Articles and Reviews-Forming new news about something significant in your company, asking critics to review your new site and products, and writing fresh content about your brand will help to override the negative ratings.
  • Build New Social Media Profiles-We will form all new social IDs for your brand on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. so that you can highlight the best attributes about your business to everyone and have a brand voice to the public.
  • That’s how we push negative search results down in the convenient manner.

At RBS, our team of experts will bury negative search results & reviews, impactful comments, rip-off reports & harsh complaints from sites like Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Trip Advisor etc. permanently and monitor your brand's customer feedbacks regularly to ensure that no such thing happens again because as of today, more than 50% of the population depends on web ratings and reviews to select a service amongst many competitors. So, come to us to bury negative search results from Google.

We can bury negative search results in the least possible time!

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