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Do you wish to remove data from MyLife?

Nowadays, our personal details are being excavated through different websites.

Among these, the prime concern for most of the ORM service providers is,

This site composes all personal information from different websites, mostly from various public records with a voice, i.e, “helping people find and connect with other ones by handling the information that they choose to share with the world”.

The purpose of this site is, “to create and protect the public image that helps Americans to enhance their lifestyle.”

Do you want to show off your personal details on the web-world ?

Often times it calls in serious security issues and damages your online presence. Hence, there is a soaring up demand to remove information from MyLife.

Off late, I did a search on MyLife.Com and it drags up my personal data like my full name, nickname, residential address, etc.

Needless to say, I have decided to remove info from MyLife to maintain my personal reputation and further manage to retain a decent reputation score.

Most of the seasoned online reputation repair experts craft the unbeatable strategy in order to remove MyLife information from the internet.

Prior to jumping into these strategies to remove data from MyLife, let’s understand the impact of reputation score in website.

What is ‘Reputation Score’ in MyLife.Com?

The most irritating and inconvenient thing about this site is, whatever information they have listed, most of them are falsified.

Due to this piled up falsified information, your brand gets misrepresented on the internet. And how people perceive your brand determines your digital success.

Hence, the majority of eminent personas want to remove information from MyLife. pulled up acute personal information such as full name, nickname, residential information through the years. By using all this information compile a “Reputation Score” which the company accounts as “similar to your credit score.”

According to this company, your “Reputation Score” is computed by using a proper algorithm which includes your background details and all reviews written by your close one.

So, your reputation score is evaluated fruitful of your life experiences and characteristics.

What Says About Removing your Information

If you feel very creeped out that anyone can easily collect your personal information by just digital access, you can take a step against this company in terms of removing personal information from MyLife.

This is what has to say about this:

“Yes. You can edit and comment on many of the details on this page. You can also write about yourself to give the many people who come to your page a positive image of yourself. These are free functions. Paid members can hide anonymous reviews and lock sections so no one can see them without permission. MyLife Background pages like this appear in Google searches six times each second so it’s important to control your page to look your best to the world.”

So how does a reputation management agency remove your info from MyLife?

Follow the simple and convenient steps in order to remove data from MyLife.

How to Remove Personal Information from MyLife

The fruitful ways of removing personal information from are discussed below. Have a look,

  • By Phone

By using the phone you can easily remove information from MyLife. To kick-start the process of removing information from this site, follow these simple steps;

  • You can call MyLife on this number (888) 704-1900
  • You can speak to an operator by pressing 3
  • The servicing schedule of customer representatives is Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT, and Saturday to Sunday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT.

When I have called to remove my information from, the representative told me that” for processing, it will take seven to ten business days but you don’t need to worry as the link would not work anymore” and after that, she gave me the confirmation number.

So, by using a phone you can easily remove info from

  • By Email

You can remove information from MyLife through sending a removal request via mail.

  • Create a new email account by your name and sent your request to this address.
  • You have to include your URL so that, they can easily detach the right person.

However, we have received several complaints from many readers who informed that whenever they called or emailed in, one of their site representatives denied to remove info from MyLife, stating all these to be “public information”.

But, calling on Mylife customer support or mailing to them will eventually land you up with a reference number.

In this case, you should do one thing which is, email them with your reference number by using the following languages and ask for removing personal information from MyLife.

Unable to remove information from MyLife? Talk to us now!

How to Use Effective Language to Remove Information from MyLife?

The mailing process involves an amount of tedious work in terms of language usage and other tasks to remove your info from MyLife.

The guaranteed online reputation management services leverage expert and professional language to request a removal.

//Here I have mentioned a sample letter form to email them and it really works://

Subject: Re: Please remove info from MyLife enlisted there. (REFERENCE#)

Body: Reference number: (REFERENCE#)

I’m charging this email as documentation against your refusal to remove me from MyLife that represents all my acute personal details on your site

Most of the information on your website is incorrect, erroneous and imprecise which is very annoying. And using all this information this site compiles a bill which is known as “Reputation Score” which the company accounts for as “similar to your credit score.”

This is a kind of violation of my privacy and the denigration of my name.

I hope you will give a response with a confirmation on removing personal information from MyLife. If it not works, I will take another legal action against this website.

Thank you,


How to Submit a Removal Request to

  • The first step to remove info from MyLife is, you have to locate your MyLife profile by entering your name into google.
  • Then follow the format including the quotes before and afterward like “your First and Last name MyLife” and then pressing enter.
  • When you locate your profile on this site, the result will display on the screen then tap on the result that pertains to you.
  • Then shift your cursor to the URL bar and copy the address that saved in your profile.
  • Compose an email to submit a removal request to and sent your request to this address mentioning the profile URL to help them detach the right person.
  • The process of removing personal information from MyLife also includes emailing them with your reference number by using a language format that is already discussed above through a letter format.
  • Then you will receive a common email from to accept a receipt on your removal request.
  • After receiving the first email from this site, within a few hours or a few days, you will receive a clear version of the email confirming to remove information from MyLife. But that doesn’t denote that your profile has been completely removed from this digital site.
  • When you receive a strong note of confirmation that your existing profile on and the listed personal information have been removed then you must go back into step one to see if your profile is completely removed or not.

If you can remove your info from MyLife with the first attempt then congratulations!

But, in rare cases, your personal details will still remain on the site.

In this case, you must go back to the first step and repeat the procedure again the same way until you will receive a confirmed response to remove information from MyLife.

We Can Assist You to remove data from MyLife. Consult with our experts!

Remove MyLife account: Important Notes

In order to remove your info from MyLife, you need to have some important notes to take into consideration.

Here’s how the important notes look like:

  • Check for the Number of Profiles you Own

There must be a few people who have multiple accounts on MyLife. So, for them, to remove MyLife profile from the site, you need to repeat the same steps for each of your profiles. You can also mail a list of all the URLs of your profiles to MyLife.

  • Repeat the Removal Request

Oftentimes, failing to remove information from MyLife, stops you from the further trial.

If you get an email with a refusal to remove MyLife profile, stating that the data is assembled from open sources, return to stage 1 as occasionally MyLife expels your profile notwithstanding telling you no.

If they do not agree to erase your personal data and you are still on the site, disregard that letter and begin once again by returning to the beginning of the instructional exercise and send a fresh new removal request mail to MyLife.

Odds are that the next individual who gets your email will remove your info from MyLife. If not, redo the same steps again, and again until you succeed.

  • Consult with an Expert

It is not required on your part to get your hands on your profile and remove data from MyLife all by yourself, and neither do I recommend doing the same.

If you fail to remove information from MyLife even after several attempts, don’t hesitate to consult with an expert. As most of the internet removal services leverage their expertise to remove unwanted information.

Final Thoughts

There is a soaring demand to remove information from MyLife as it hinders online presence.

Since its formation, this site has been affected by many legal issues. Besides it, privacy advocates have not been too much committed to for so long.

I wish to enlighten you about a brief history regarding this topic which is, in 2011, a class-action lawsuit stated that its owner, CEO Jeffery Tinsley, had involved with some disagreeable marketing practices and for this unsavory practices he had used as a platform.

In February 2009, this company was renamed by And it prolonged its same business plan with the same force and with the same improper supplication.

If you feel uncomfortable to cooperate with this company and feel uneasy for collecting and marketing your personal details which displayed by this site, you can follow the steps to remove your info from MyLife.

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