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Have you not hired a well-versed reputation defender yet? Or are you finding yourself in the midst of confusion in determining the competitive cost of a reputation defender?

Reputation defenders help to protect, improve and repair your online reputation and bring your brand in the limelight.

But, have you ever had a moment to think why the demand for reputation defenders is shooting up?

Well, let me tell you that a majority of online businesses are now coming online to connect with global audiences.

Also, is it not true, that if you conduct a local business in a physical store without having a website, then chances of you earning more are quite less?

People have started to unveil the power of the internet; thus the number of websites is shooting up (currently it’s 1.75 billion according to internet live stats).

But, the number of websites increases, the more challenging it becomes for you to beat the chaos unless you hire a guaranteed reputation management service.

Let’s have a look at the ways how a proactive reputation defender shields your business;

What are the Responsibilities of a Reputation Defender?

In this overly web-driven world, people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And a decisive role is played by your online persona in the process of attaining success for your business.

The primary responsibility of a reputation defender includes recovering a damaged reputation, removing negative contents, and enhancing your positive aura.

You can infer from the name itself, a defender is a specialized individual in managing reputation for individuals to enterprises.

Let’s dig into it,

(1) Recovering Damaged Reputation

You can have a damaged reputation as a result of not managing it effectively.

Most businesses don’t opt for a reputation management plan unless there is damage.

A study by WPforms states that 35% of small business owners feel that their business is too small to have a website. And 10% of them think they can grow well without leveraging the benefit of a website.

So, it’s quite obvious that if people are ignoring to have a website, they won’t bother to have a brand reputation management action plan until they hit defamatory information.

But, I assume you don’t fit in these categories as you’re reading this blog and interested to know the reputation defender cost.

A reputation builder holds the potentiality to recover a damaged reputation while leveraging some tactics such as monitoring your online reputation, crafting unbeatable strategies, suppressing negative comments, etc.

  • Monitor Online Reputation

The amount of activity takes place on the internet within a matter of sec looks something like this;

internet live stats

Do you think you can track if someone posts falsified information on any of the unknown platforms about your brand before it reaches the hand of your potential consumers?

Well, it’s not a manual task.

And let me tell you, Google doesn’t verify if your information is wrong or false, if people spread your falsified information, it’ll stay up top on the search results.

Most of the top-class reputation management agencies leverage top-notch tools to track all of the activities and a reputation defender plays a key role in this.

  • Craft Unbeatable Strategies

One of the major responsibilities of a reputation defender is to craft unbeatable strategies to figure out ways to enhance one’s digital footprint.

The strategies include pointing out the affected areas, having a contingency plan, mapping out the strong areas, etc.

Having a strategy helps other team members to visualize the plan and work more effectively.

  • Remove Negative Comments

As said above, Google doesn’t verify if the information is falsified or not.

Especially if these comments are on the top-rated sites like Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Google review, then you’re on the verge of losing your respect.

That’s a proactive reputation defender comes up like a savior while removing the negative comments from the internet.

In most cases, the removal process isn’t that easy so well-versed defenders bury down the comments instead of removing it.

(2) Enhancing Your Online Image

Recovering from a wretched reputation doesn’t guarantee a stellar reputation. A proactive reputation defender takes the step further to enhance one’s reputation.

The approaches to enhance your online image includes creating positive content, responding to reviews, and promoting content.

Let’s have a deep insight now,

  • Create Positive Content

In most of the removal cases, the webmaster never pays a heed to remove the defamatory content unless you file a lawsuit.

So, internet removal services choose to bury down such content far down the search result page.

And since most of your traffic lands on the first page, burying down the negative content with the power of positive content is an effective way to enhance one’s brand’s presence.

Unable to Create Positive Contents? We can do it for you!

  • Respond to Reviews Tactically

54% of your customers consider revisiting if a brand has politely responded to negative reviews.


Well, how you respond to reviews shows up your online persona. There are instances where popular brands have worsened the situation after lashing out to grumpy customers.

A proactive reputation management profile defender doesn’t make the same mistake.

They tactically respond to each review that enhances your brand presence.

  • Promoting Contents

What if you’ve created tons of positive content that’s even worth sharing but you’ve not served them on the right plate?

There are 4.4 billion internet users on the web, do you expect to reach out to everyone?

Well, that’s not possible as everybody doesn’t have the same taste.

But, you can select your target audience and serve them the rightful information beforehand.

(3) Removing Negative Search Results

You’re probably thinking why I’m repeating the removing part again. Well, removing your comments doesn’t lead you to improve your rankings.

There are thousands of complaints board sites such as Rip-off, Radaris, Mylife, etc. These sites aim to improve a customer’s experience by making them aware of any brand.

But, due to imprecise security measures anyone can fabricate false information on these sites and tarnish your online reputation.

The crucial responsibility of a reputation defender is to track these websites first. Since most of the site owners won’t remove the contents instantly, it may require to file a lawsuit to get the job done.

It also falls under the responsibility of a reputation defender to gather the necessary proof to file a lawsuit.

What Should You Look Into Before Hiring a Reputation Defender?

To cater the soaring up demand for online reputation management, the number of online companies are popping up, claiming themselves the best to manage reputation.

But, once you decide to give a shot to clean your brand’s reputation up, it’s time to consider some or all of these factors to land on the best reputation repair services. Have a look,

  • Check-out their Strategies

A well-crafted strategy can do wonder in managing one’s reputation, whereas a sluggish one can make the situation worse.

Any of the professional firms keep their custom strategy plan ready to showcase once they consult with you.

So, opt for the one that has crafted unbeatable strategies.

  • Check-out their Knowledge on the Current Algorithm Update

Well, you might not always get a clear idea of whether to hire a reputation defender based on some strategies they have designed.

So, ask them about the current algorithm changes in Google.

I’m specifying Google since the majority of your customers find relevant information here and rely on this search engine.

And to serve its users with the optimum results, Google is constantly upgrading its technology to better understand content from a human’s perspective.

So, if your reputation defender doesn’t bear the knowledge of current updates then they can’t even rank your brand on the top of search results.

  • Check-out their Work Samples

You might not be well aware of the current changes in the algorithm. So, anything they speak may look astonishing to you and you might make the wrong decision.

So, check-out their work samples. These will surely give you a clear idea about the competency level of the reputation defender.

  • Check-out their Success Rate

If all these above-mentioned ideas failed, then hop on to the last one.

Checking out the real success rates of a reputation defender can undoubtedly help you to decide if he or she can be the perfect fit for your business requirement or not.

What are the Factors that Determine the Cost of Reputation Defenders?

Have you ever taken a moment to think of the factors that determine the cost of reputation defender?

Well, take a look then,

  • The Project Complicacy

one of the major factors that determine the price of a reputation defender is the project complicacy.

If your reputation is too vulnerable and almost irreparable then it takes more time, energy and efforts to bring it back to the game.

Hence the reputation defender cost shoots up in this case.

  • Efforts Required

The process of building a stellar reputation includes creating quality content, developing an online presence, strategizing marketing campaigns, and so on.

A proactive reputation defender works days and nights to analyze the affected areas and henceforth crafting the strategy.

So, the more efforts it takes, the higher the cost goes.

Want to know more about the competitive cost of reputation defender? Talk to Us!

  • Time Taken in Total

Building or rebuilding one’s reputation isn’t an easy-breezy task.

It takes months and sometimes a year to come up with optimum upshot. Hence, one of the determining factors in reputation defender cost is the total time a defender needs to engage with you.

Detailed Pricing of Online Reputation Management

The cost of online reputation management depends on multiple factors. However, one can’t go beyond the competitive prices.

For example, none can charge you for $50,00 for the content removal process.

Are you paying way too much price to your online reputation agency?

Continue reading this blog to have an insight of the cost of reputation defender and other charges for online reputation management and stop making fool of yourself.

  • Cost of Business Reputation Management

The cost of business reputation management pricing starts from $6000 and can go up to $100,000 depending on the intricacy level.

Usually, you can expect results within a couple of months if you’ve hired one of the best reputation management agency. However, the desired upshot may take a year or two while the maintenance can go as long as you want.

  • Cost of Personal Reputation Management

The cost of personal reputation management starts from $6000 and surge up to $15,000.

If you choose to maintain your reputation, then you may have to pay monthly charges depending upon the company’s service packages.

  • Cost of Reputation Defender

The cost of a reputation defender can be as low as $3000 and as high as $10,000.

It typically depends on the type of services you opt for, for example, if you want to opt for the content removal service from a reputation defender then the price for content removal starts as low as $800. But, in some cases, the price may go up to $5,000.

Wrapping it Up

It’s easy to get fooled by any agency if you’re not aware of the competitive price in the market.

Hence, I’ve crafted this detailed guide to make you aware of the market cost of reputation defender along with reputation management.

If you’ve any other thoughts flooding over your head, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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