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SEO is the most used term when we talk about online reputation management. There’s not much one can control about their business but there’s a lot to do when it comes to controlling the information that makes one’s reputation. After all, reputation is the key to success in today’s world. Without having a sturdy and clean online presence, the success of any business always remains dwindled.

Speaking of taking control of the information that creates an online presence, we can’t ignore SEO in this process. In fact, SEO plays the most critical role in reputation management. Today, we will talk about the importance of SEO in reputation management and the innumerable ways how it benefits business.

However, before we begin to talk about SEO, let’s first understand the significance of ORM which is also known as online reputation management. Well, it’s like managing the information that allows people to perceive your brand as the strongest.

For instance, when we talk about pizza, what’s the first name that pops up in your head? Well, it must be dominos, isn’t it? After all, it provides affordable and tasty pizzas without compromising anything.

But what if you hear that a customer is complaining about poor service quality?

Well, when it’s a big brand, the impact of a single customer may not be significant. However, if an entire group of people starts talking negatively, then you’ll lose the reliability over them. It is that simple. So, the brand’s authority depends much on how they are managing their online presence.

In today’s world, businesses are becoming much aware of the impact of social media. That’s the reason why people are taking ORM on a serious note. Now, to manage your reputation, we leverage SEO tactics. In fact, SEO covers significant aspects of online reputation management.

According to Warren Buffet, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

What Is Reputation Management In SEO (Search Engine Reputation Management)?

SEO reputation management; often said – “Search Engine Reputation Management”, is about using search engine optimization to influence the search results and shape ones’ online presence. If you have too many negative PRs posted on high-quality sites, we leverage the power of SEO to diminish its impact. That’s called reverse SEO.

Without the help of SEO, reputation management becomes a struggle. It’s because it’s not about controlling the people’s responses, but it’s about providing the right information to the right people. If the positive results about your brand are not ranking higher on the search engines, then people won’t be able to reach out to you. Right?

This is the reason why SEO plays a crucial role in ORM. Unlike traditional SEO, which focuses mainly on the keyword categories, the SEO reputation management is about branded keyword management. It either includes your company name or your name or the services or product that you provide. ORM and SEO may look similar at first but they’re not interchangeable.

ORM vs SEO: The Difference Between Online Reputation Management and Search Engine Optimization

Well, you might be confused about seeing the ORM and SEO together but there are significant differences between the two. However, both are used to influence search results. But the difference is about using the tactics for different purposes.

SEO is used to rank a website for different keywords. For example, if you have a website that provides the plumbing services, the keywords will be plumbing services+location.

On the other hand when we use ORM techniques, generally it’s about using the branded keywords only.

To put it simply, the goal of SEO is to rank the website for a couple of keywords on the first page of Google whereas the goal of ORM is to rank the positive results on the first page of Google with the branded keywords and push down the negative results from SERP.

The Importance Of SEO Reputation Management

A negative image of the company can leave a profound impact on the brand’s health. It’s because the reputation of the company helps to drive the business partnership, CAC, lead generation, and more. There’s a whole lot of things that are dependent on a company’s reputation. It may completely lose its authority due to poor reputation management. Let’s take a look at the reasons why SEO reputation management is important,

  • Organic Traffic Loss

In today’s world, a customer is bombarded with innumerable options to choose from whenever he or she needs a service or a product. If you’re not satisfying them, maybe your competitors will win them away.

When prospective buyers search for a keyword, there’s an endless list that pops up before him. However, the first few results are only clicked by him because it’s considered to be authentic, isn’t it?

That’s the reason why you should be very careful when it comes to reputation management. SEO reputation management helps you to represent your brand in an authoritative manner so that people perceive you as a reliable service provider.

Customers in today’s world are always extra cautious when they’re investing their money. It means if they see any negative news about your brand, it will lead them to another service provider. This will impact your organic traffic. And eventually, you’ll experience a huge drop in your organic traffic on a daily or monthly basis.

  • PPC Traffic Loss

Well, the pay per click advertising takes a huge amount of money. It’s even more expensive than SEO. That’s the reason why it’s important to yield the utmost advantage of this advertising. If you still have a poor reputation, the PPC traffic will reduce. It’s because people can’t trust you when your perceived value is negative. SEO reputation management helps to increase the perceived value of your business and therefore gains the trust of other people. It means you can yield the best benefits when you consider getting SEO management tips from experts.

  • Decreased ROI

Even if you spend millions of dollars every year to increase your sales, revenue, or expand your reach, the outcome will not be as desired if your reputation is poor. Negative online reputation can have a serious negative impact on your overall return on investment. That’s the reason why a lot of people’s marketing campaigns are doomed but they’re unable to know the reason behind it.

  • Inability To Retain The Talent

Talent acquisition is an important role in a company. Without having the right people at the company, you can’t expect to succeed. Negative reviews or articles can have an immensely negative impact on your company and employees can easily show their doubts before joining them.

It means you’ll never be able to hire top talents when you have a negative impact on the brand. SEO reputation management is about protecting your company’s reputation so that people can perceive your company as one of the best.

Tips & Tricks To Follow For SEO Online Reputation Management

There is a range of tips and tricks to be followed when it comes to SEO reputation management. Online reputation management doesn’t mean that using the reverse SEO to delete the search results. In fact, a search result can never be deleted unless you deindex the page. Still, it takes time to delete the search results. There‘s a popular belief stating that SEO is leveraged to delete the search results from Google. However, SEO is used to promote positive results so that people can perceive their value positively.

Virtually it’s not possible to remove the results from Google because there are a lot of variables that play an important role. Instead, we improve your positive presence in the digital platforms so that these results appear on the top.

  • Research For The Branded Keyword

Keyword research is the most crucial part of the entire SEO reputation management. After all, your branded keywords are the focused keywords that need to be worked upon. Keyword research is the base of an effective plan. It might look critical initially but there are online reputation management companies that help you to research the branded keywords.

  • Identify Gaps & Opportunities

Well, it’s important to identify the gaps and opportunities so that there are no flaws in the reputation management plan. You should research the keywords and find out the results that are occurring on the web including the images, websites, snippets, social profiles, etc.

Also, it’s important to check the overall sentiment of your brand so that you can improve the other aspects of your company. SEO reputation management is about establishing yourself as a trusted and reliable leader in the market.

  • On-Page Optimization

If you’ve known the SEO terminologies, you might have already heard about on-page optimization. Your website will rank for the company’s name but it’s of no use if the results will not show up for comparative search terms or reviews.

On-page optimization helps to rank your content on the first page so that it appears authentically on the first page. On-page optimization is more about optimizing the heading tags, body copy, title tags, internal links, site speed, etc. These are equally important if you want to rank up a website.

  • Content Marketing

Content is the king in today’s market. Without content, there is no way you can improve your online impression. That’s the reason why you will have to leverage an effective content marketing strategy so that you can easily grab the user’s attention.

During this phase, you should understand the kind of content that your target customers want or the kind of content that people will be eager to engage with. Google has largely evolved in the last few years and content marketing can yield innumerable benefits if it’s done well.

  • Optimize Social Profiles

Social media plays an important role in improving one’s reputation online. Customers share their experiences on social media platforms, your clients share their experiences with the company and whatnot. That’s the reason why social media profiles have immense value for SEO reputation management. Without optimizing the social media profiles, one can’t drive value to their brand.

  • Optimize Online Reviews

Word of the mouth marketing has long been around the world. Previously it was only limited to certain customers of your physical location, now it’s expanded globally. People from all around the world can voice out their opinions about the brand on various online review platforms. Some of the major platforms are glassdoor, trust-pilot, yelp, etc.

This is the reason why we use online reputation management tools to understand the various feedbacks of customers and respond back to them. It’s important to respond to the negative reviews as well but tactically.

It’s because when you respond it shows that you genuinely want to resolve an issue. But when you don’t respond and resolve the queries of your customers, it leaves a negative impact on the brand. SEO reputation management also means to optimize the reviews of the major platforms.

  • Build Authority Backlinks

It’s not important how many backlinks you make a day, it’s important where you’re taking the link from. Without having the authority backlinks, none can improve their online search results or online presence. That’s the reason why you should take links from popular and trusted websites rather than taking links from unknowns and low-authority websites.


Well, reputation management is undoubtedly the key to today’s’ world. Whether you want to get more clients or you want to multiply your revenue, it’s important to have a clean and strong reputation on digital platforms so that people can perceive you as an authoritative brand.

A small mistake can lead you to serious damages if not taken care of properly. SEO reputation management is a tactic that helps you to have a competitive edge over others.

You can attract more clients by improving the brand presence on these platforms using SEO tactics. It’s a golden key to endless opportunities to empower your business. However, inexperienced people can never do it efficiently and effectively. It always takes expert’s views and hands to fix the online reputation. You can consult with an online reputation management agency to help you with SEO reputation management.

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