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The way of running a business has changed radically in the past 10 years. Earlier, every business used to have a limited circle of customers and most of them were local people.

So, you could only damage your reputation only to the local people.

But the internet has changed the methods of attracting customers to your business. Now online reviews are the ways to form a positive opinion about your brand.

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The blessings of the internet have made it possible for you to engage with customers from every corner of the world. So, losing your reputation means you will be embarrassed in front of all your customers around the world.

There are instances of reputation mismanagement for top brands like Subway, Uber, etc.

So, how do you avoid this reputation mismanagement? Let’s hear the rumble…

Avoid Reputation Mismanagement

Well, technically there is no better option than establishing an unbeatable online presence. And in this process of building up your reputation, the review monitoring tools work like swords in the battleground.

This process of automation helps you to gather real-time data accurately and help you come out with a fruitful plan more quickly.

Let’s have a look at how these tools help you with reputation management,

  • Reduced Time for Gathering Data

Any sort of bad experience can lead your customers to submit their grudges in the form of negative reviews. And avoiding their issues creates an even worse scenario.

But, as a business owner, the most precious thing for you is time-management.

The manual process takes a hell of a lot of time to pile up data from different sources and converging them to plan a strategy. During this manual process, you have to monitor each review-submitting platform to gather real-time information.

A review management tool allows you to easily respond to your customers quickly, sending reminders, notifying you on every update, scheduling appointments, etc.

  • Enhance Your Digital Presence

The earlier word-of-mouth recommendations have now shifted to online reviews. Now online reviews speak for your brand.

So, if you have got negative reviews everywhere around the internet, then you will be directing your customers in the opposite direction.

93% of people state that online reviews seriously impact their buying decision.

To understand the real impact of online reviews on a buyer’s journey, you can do a little experiment with yourself. For Example, you can consider yourself as a buyer.

Now, what steps will you take before buying a product? Will you buy it directly from the online shop? Or will you consider reading the reviews first?

Well, you can’t deny the reviews as these act as a proof for the superior quality of the product. If you are not monitoring your reviews, then it amplifies the chances for someone to frame you badly behind your back.

So, a review management tool helps you to improve your reputation as you can get a real-time notification every time someone posts a review.

  • Improve Local SEO

In the realm of business today, local searches hold the power to earn more conversions. So, more and more businesses are adapting to local SEO strategies to convert potential customers into potential buyers.

Research states that 46% of all Google searches seek local information and a whopping 97% of internet users search online to find a local business.

So, incorporating local SEO strategy can optimally enhance your business in this era.

But, what’s the role of reviews in improving your local SEO?

Well, reviews are the social proof that you have quality resources for your community. So, search engines prioritize you when it sees you as a value provider which in turn improves your rankings for local searches.

Ways to Pick the Best Review Monitoring Tools for Your Business

There are thousands of review monitoring softwares so picking the apt one amidst them might be a tough call to make. But a professional online reputation management agency analyzes a tool’s best features by taking a few factors into consideration.

So, we have brought a couple of considerable factors to cut the hassle out for you. Let’s get started,

  • Check the Software’s Overview

The best way to judge whether a review monitoring tool qualifies for your project is by checking the client’s feedback. A well-designed review monitoring tool must hold tons of positive reviews and ratings.

Is the one you’re picking rated with a five star? Or at least over with 3.5 stars?

Well, if not then it’s time to remake your checklists. Customer reviews are often straightforward and honest so you will have a complete overview of what the tool looks like.

This includes the software’s user interface, design, and customer service. Oftentimes people talk about both pros and cons about the review monitoring tool which enables you to find out the perfect fit for your business need.

  • Consider Perusing Through Expert’s Reviews

While the customer can make you aware of the functionalities and features of the review management tool, an expert can tell its longevity.

An expert deals with hundreds of review monitoring tools which enables him or her to predict the new one’s future.

This means you will be able to know whether the software will work for a long time or it will be obsolete within the next two years. So, expert reviews are one of the best resources to find out if the tool is perfectly suited for your needs or not.

  • Analyze The Multiple Features of Review Monitoring Tools 

Every review management tool has a number of unique features which means that none of the two software is exactly the same.

This brings in thousands of review monitoring tools with hundreds of new features. Right?

So, we have narrowed down the basic features for you. You can compare each of the tools to find out the best fit for your business.

Let’s take at the following features before you start comparing your tools for review management,

  • Dashboard

Dashboard is the place where the essential information is displayed. It works more like the main page of the software from where you can easily navigate to multiple sections.

An organized and clean dashboard indicates the user-friendliness of the software.

So, is your review monitoring tool has a perfectly organized dashboard?

If your review management software doesn’t even have a dashboard of its own, then ignore it right away. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time navigating through different pages.

  • Gathering Feedback

Feedbacks are one of the most crucial parts in order to improve your service or product quality.

Without gathering feedback, you will never know where you stand amidst your competitors and what other people are saying about your services.

Also, the main purpose of us discussing here the review monitoring tools is to make you aware of how to gather feedback. But, unfortunately not all the review managing software allows you to gather feedback automatically.

So, ensure the one you pick must have the features of gathering feedback. This will save your time and money both in the long run.

  • Analytics Meter

An analytic meter helps you to know your real-time rankings among competitors, current trends, analyze your growth and finally meet your goals of reputation management.

So, it’s important to have a kind of review monitoring tool which helps you analyze the other parts of your businesses that need to be improved.

Having an analytics meter helps you to get more positive reviews as you can improve your businesses by continuously analyzing the weaker zones.

  • Collecting Reviews from Multiple Channels

There are multiple channels like Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Homeadvisor where people post reviews about the products and services.

If your software is allowing you to collect reviews from only two to three platforms, then you will be missing out on important updates from other platforms. Well-designed software will enable you to collect reviews from all the major and minor platforms.

So, you will be able to gather information in one place from multiple platforms and analyze the real-time data of your reputation.

  • Sentiment Analysis Feature

The sentiment analysis feature helps you to disclose the sentiments of people about your services or product. In order to improve the rate of customer satisfaction, it’s important to know what people feel about your brand.

Despite being a major feature in managing reviews, not all the review monitoring tools have this feature inbuilt.

So, choose a review management tool that allows you to integrate sentiment analysis features that help you better perceive your business reputation.

  • Unified Inbox

The review monitoring tools are bringing in the feature named “unified inbox”. Which means you can read all your messages at one platform rather than hopping around to multiple places.

The Google text-to-message is a unified platform that allows you to manage all your messages using this single platform.

So, while you are picking the best review monitoring tools, try to pick the one that integrates with a unified inbox.

The Best Review Monitoring Tools

To cut the hassle of finding the best review monitoring software, we’ve listed here the top tools that are taking the reputation world by storm.

To Raise the Finest Review Monitoring Tool, Our Experts Decided to Conduct a Comparision Between all the Trending Review Montitoring Tools.

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These tools not only help you to monitor online reviews but also each of the tools mentioned here has the integration with the above-mentioned features. So, you can pick any of the review management tools with your eyes closed.

Are you ready to start with the lists?

Hop on!!!

  1. BirdEye Software

BirdEye is one of the best review monitoring software with a cloud-based integration which caters to all the business needs irrespective of the size and scale of it.

The highlighted features of BirdEye include web-based chat, review management, social media management, issue management, and more.

Since its inception, they have satisfied over 50,000+ businesses that too globally.

But, what makes BirdEye unique amidst all the review management tools?

Well, the top-class features of this platform like natural language processing, monitoring reviews, surveys, customer sentiment analysis, etc.

Are you ready to uncover the features in detail? Well, let’s get started,

  • Manage Your Reviews Using a Single Platform

BirdEye allows you to notice all of your customer’s feedback in one place. This software has integration with more than 150+ sites. So, you will be able to gather notification from all these places and strategize your next move.

  • Smart Alert Feature

The smart alert feature allows you to filter the alerts by the star rating and sources so it prevents you from bothering every time.

Instead of annoying you every time with a bunch of irrelevant notifications, now you can choose the scenarios for which you should be notified. And the software only follows your instructions strictly.

  • Daily or Instant Updates 

Now with BirdEye, you can choose the moments when you want to get notified. You can choose whether you want instant notifications or a daily digest. So, depending on your business requirements you can choose the kind of updates that you want.

  1. Yext Reviews

Yext review software is one of the best cloud-based reputation review tools that has been helping businesses to manage and respond to reviews instantly and seamlessly.

Having features like social media metrics, review requests, sentiment analysis, response management- Yext Reviews is one-stop-solution for businesses irrespective of its size.

Let’s have a look at the features of Yext Reviews to understand the significance of this software,

  • Review Monitoring

The review monitoring features of Yext Review allows you to improve your relationships with your customers. You can easily show your prospects that you are always listening to them and hence improve your customer satisfaction rate.

  • Get up-to-date Information 

The direct integration of Yext to multiple review platforms enables you to get up-to-date information about what your customers are saying about you. The information allows you to easily take the necessary steps before anything starts hampering your reputation.

  • Manage Your Notifications 

The no-guesswork notifications help you to get real-time updates every time someone posts a review. You can manage these notifications by scheduling it according to your best time.

  1. Rize Reviews Software

Rize reviews software is one of the best review monitoring tools especially known for reputation campaign management, sentiment analysis, response tracking, social media monitoring, etc.

It provides information that helps small to midsize business owners to store client’s feedback, responding to reviews, and resolving negative responses.

Let’s have a look at the features of this software,

  • Customize Brand’s Messaging 

Every brand has a unique voice. The Rize reviews software allows you to customize your brand’s voice so that people can listen to your brand’s voice.

  • Integration with 100+ Major Review Sites 

It’s important to collect information from each of the online review sites to accurately analyze your reputation score. So, Rize review sites make it easy for you as it has integration with 100+ review sites. So, now you can track the reviews more precisely.

  • Integration of Personalized Text Message

Rize reviews make it easy for your customers to text your customers seamlessly. You can easily send a personalized text message to your customers and ask him for review in a direct manner.

  1. Synup

Synup allows you to read your customer reviews in a more straightforward way. So you can precisely understand what people are talking about your business. Neglecting reviews is surely not the way since people want a justified explanation from your end.

With Synup you can easily check and manage your online profiles. How does synup make the job simpler for you?

Well, let’s dig deeper than,

  • Never Miss an Update

Synup dashboard collects each and every customer reviews and piles it up in a single platform. So, you will no longer be missing any update once you chose Synup.

  • Analyze More Accurately

Since you will no longer be missing any update, now you can analyze the problems more accurately. So, you can deal with your reputation issues aptly.

  • Respond Directly 

Synup dashboard is more like a one-stop-solution. You can directly talk to your customers using this single platform and build a strong relationship with your customers.

  1. EClincher Software

EClincher software is trusted by thousands of marketing agencies and businesses from each and every corner of the world. A simple way of managing all your social accounts has come out to be true with eClincher software.

This tool for review monitoring offers you to publish and schedule posts, manage the social conversation, monitor keywords, etc.

The platform has integration with all the major review sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google my business page, LinkedIn, Canva, Pinterest, Google analytics, etc.

Let’s take a look at the features of eClincher software at a glance,

  • Manage Inboxes at One Place

With the eClincher review monitoring tool, you can easily see all your social media messages at one place. Adding to this you can check comments, mentions, retweets, conversations, number of follower numbers all in one place.

  • Monitor More Precisely

eClincher allows you to monitor everything that’s happening on all your social platforms at one place. You can also check the activities of your competitors and live social feeds using this single platform.

  • Pocket Integration 

Eclincher allows you to save all your links and articles from any devices be it desktop or mobile. So, you can craft content for your social media accounts using eClincher and start sharing on your channels using this pocket integration.

  1. Yotpo

Yotpo is one of the best review monitoring tools especially for eCommerce businesses irrespective of its size. You can collect each and every type of content generated by users and use them for building your brand.

Yotpo also allows you to integrate with Google seller ratings along with twitter and Facebook. So, you will be able to monitor your site’s rankings and complaints.

The tool helps your customer to easily submit feedback using a single platform so you can convert every customer into a reviewer with Yotpo.

  1. Critical Mention

Critical mention is a real-time and cloud-based monitoring service to track your online news, social media platforms, etc. You can easily track multiple platforms including all the major ones using this single review monitoring tool.

Let’s take a look at how critical mention will help you with your review management,

  • Real-Time Social Media Report 

Critical Mention allows you to track branded terms, mentions, hashtags, social listening, from all major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

  • Social Media Metrics 

The integration of social media metrics of critical mention allows you to conduct in-depth analysis including audience values and share of voice.

  • Sentiment Analysis

Now with critical mention, you can understand what people think about your brand with the tool named sentiment analysis. To identify all the major problems including the potential ones and manage the crisis situation before it hits you.

  1. is a one-stop solution for all sizes of businesses. The platform offers multi-channel management, feedback collection, campaign management, etc.

So you can easily collect reviews from various channels. Adding to this, Grade us also allows you to manage your reviews and create drip campaigns to acquire each and every review from this single platform.

Let’s take a look at the features of grade us at a glance,

  • Automated process to generate more and more reviews
  • You can distribute reviews across all major platforms.
  • Proactively catch unsatisfied customers so you can easily convince them before they write something negative.
  1. Avochato

Avochato is designed for every company irrespective of its size. You can easily manage customer’s reviews, responses, and monitor them every time you want.

Avochato can be used for business owners in the field of insurance, real estate, home care, auto dealerships, delivery services, etc. So, make your review management simple with this single review monitoring tool.

  1. BrandWatch 

Brandwatch is the social media analytics tool that provides you everything about the current market trend and consumer insights across different platforms.

It’s best for businesses of all sizes. So, you can easily manage your reviews with this single platform.

Let’s take a look at how BrandWatch helps you with review management,

  • Brand Management 

Now you can always be confident about your brand performance. You know why?

The brand watch helps you to monitor sentiment changes, customer opinions, and track any sort of fluctuations in your brand health.

  • Crisis Management

With brand watch’s real-time updates and live data, you can analyze your situation precisely. This means you can always be prepared to beat any reputation crisis situation.

  • Competitor Analysis

Brandwatch helps you to analyze your competitors. So you can compare yourself with your competitors to strategize the best plan.


Online reputation is the topic that you can’t ignore at any cost in this digitally driven world. And your reputation should be frequently measured so that you can track your improvement.

The manual task of managing reviews is tedious and nearly impossible. So, review monitoring tools come as a savior for your business.

We have listed the best review management tools in this blog to cut the hassle out for you. However, you can always take the help of a reputation builder to help you out in times of need.

Have you picked the best review monitoring tool for your brand yet?

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