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With more than 2.45 billion (according to recent stats) active monthly users, Facebook is emerging as one of the most effective reputation management tools off late.

Have you not brought this tool into action yet?

Well, it’s time you implement it and in case you’re feeling baffled about the things listed below, we’ve got you all covered here. In this guide below, you’ll learn about these things,

  • Why is Facebook considered as one of the effective tools by the top-class reputation management agencies?
  • How to wield the utmost benefits through Facebook reputation management?
  • What type of businesses should use Facebook as their reputation management tool?

In a Nutshell: The Significance of Managing Your Reputation Through Facebook

Based on the recent news coverage, Facebook is evolving as one of the most impactful marketing platforms.

There are 1.62 billion people who log onto Facebook every day, which is approximately a 9% increase than in past years.

Facebook also has confirmed that every 2 out of 3 users frequently visit its pages to search for local business queries.

So, you’ve got plenty of customers waiting for useful and valuable information and products to enrich their lives, right?

But, that makes the platform crowded and which further leads to fierce competition. And to confirm the level of competition on this platform, let me state that more than 42 percent of the marketers claim Facebook as a crucial reputation management tool.

So, how do you use Facebook to unveil the utmost benefit?

Best Practices for Facebook Reputation Management: How to Wield Utmost Benefits

Let’s delve deep into the procedures of unveiling the optimum benefits from Facebook in 2020 and beyond.

  • Claiming Your Business Page

The first step to getting started with the world’s largest social network is to claim your business page on this platform.

Especially, ever since Facebook rolled out its recent updates, unclaimed local pages can turn out to be a horror story for said businesses.


Well, with the recent updates Facebook now allows its users the option “check-in” to any business location while they update any status on their newsfeed.

For this feature to bring it into play, the said business needs to have a local page on Facebook.

Else, Facebook will automatically make a local page.

Now, you may think your job will be much easier if Facebook itself creates a page for you, right?

But, no!

Here come the horrifying factors if a page is unclaimed,

  • The page may contain inaccurate information.
  • Your potential customers will be misguided by the falsified address information or contact number, which further leads to customer dissatisfaction. And you may lose your customers too.

So, claiming a business page is the primary step taken by the best ORM service providers.

Adding to this, whether you’re a brand or individual, if you want to utilize Facebook reputation management tool effectively, it’s advisable to verify the page as well besides claiming it as there can be fake pages too with your brand name.

Once you’re verified you’ll be given a blue badge by Facebook. Like

Claim Business Page Smartlythis,

This will help your potential customers to find the authenticate the information from your brand only.

But, wait! Do you know how to claim your business page on Facebook?

Well, fret not! We’re here to guide you along the journey.

The claiming can be done by two means; Facebook business manager or your personal profile.

If you’ve your own enterprises, then it’s best to follow the former one.

Steps to Claim Your Business Through FBM

  • Head on to “business settings”. And click the pages tab.
  • Under the “page” tab, you’ll see the “Add” button on the right side.
  • Click on that.
  • You’ll be provided with three options: add pages, create a new page, request access to a page.
  • Click on the “add pages” and fill in the details to conclude your business claiming process.

Now, you can manage the pages right away through FBM.

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Steps to Claim Your Business Through Personal FB Account

You can also create pages through personal accounts on Facebook if you don’t use FBM.

For that, follow the steps here,

  • Log in to your personal account.
  • From the “home page”, you’ll see the “create” option, and click on that.
  • It will show you a range of options under the “create” tab: page, ad, group, event, and so on.
  • Click on the “page”.
  • You’ll be directed to a page like

create a FB Pagethis,

Now select the type of page you want to create and click on “get started”.

  • From there, fill in the form details you’ll be provided with proper images and cover photos.

Note: Profile picture should be 320 x 320 whereas minimum cover photo width should be 720 pixels.

Now you’re done with the first best practices, move on to the second one.

  • Adding Accurate Information

Did you know, the process of adding accurate information falls under the list of Facebook business page best practices?

People look for accurate and authenticate information provided by you.

The majority of customers prefer to read the information from your Facebook pages rather than other sources.

So, fill the details such as business name, address, opening and closing hours, contact number, category, and a short story stating your business agendas.

This also allows you to keep your audience updated about the quality and recent discoveries done by you.

  • Getting Started with Facebook Recommendations

Following up on the latest trends, Facebook rolled out a few updates in 2018 that include the “recommendations” feature.

Unlike top brands, now Facebook too has a recommendation feature that is considered far more convenient than submitting a review or rating by users.

Instead of submitting a review, it simply asks you “would you recommend this business?”

The recommendation is a more structured process where users can share enrich feedback about a business.Start with Facebook RecommendationsOf course, you won’t recommend something to someone until you really like their services, right?

Now, once a user recommends a business to someone, they’ll be further asked to provide details like texts, images, and tags. This will allow your future customers to know your business more prominently.

So, make sure you enable this “recommendations” feature before customers start using it.

  • Post Contents at the Right Time

According to top reputation builders, you can’t keep outdated content on your page in order to wield the utmost benefit of the Facebook reputation management tool.

Creating a business page, filling all the information accurately don’t make your job done.

You’ve to keep your customers updated with the current happenings, using posts, news, videos, images, links, etc. Have a look at the image below,Content Post TimingThe majority of top brands keep posting frequent updates to grab the eyeballs of potential customers and engage with them tactically by responding to their comments.

Adding to this, not only posting updates impact but also you need to conduct research on the perfect timing when the majority of your audience is live.

According to research, the highest traffic occurs from 1 to 3 pm.

But, it may vary according to your targeted customers and their location. So, post valuable content when the majority of your customers are live on Facebook.

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  • Managing Facebook Reviews Tactically

How do you make your customers appreciated?

Responding to a review can get the job done. But, is it that simple?

Well, not really!

According to the Facebook community management best practices, the way you respond to them matters even more than not responding to them at all.

There are certain ways you should respond to a negative review as well as a positive review. Wondering how?

Here’s an example; how you respond to a negative review and represent yourself as more reliable and authoritative,

“Dear (name of the customer), thanks for your valuable feedback. We’re extremely sorry for such inconveniences that happened with you. Thank for bringing this problem to our attention. We’ll do better next time if you give us a chance.”

So, don’t lose your temper on a grumpy customer and make things worse for you in case you hit on a bad review.

However, most of the businesses neglect to reply to positive reviews. But, it’s important that you make them feel engaged by replying back to a positive review.

Here’s how you reply to a positive review,

“Dear (address the customer), thanks for your valuable feedback. We’re glad that you liked our services. We hope to hear from you soon.”

  • Uploading Quality Images

People love uploading pictures on Facebook.

There are more than 300 million pictures being uploaded on Facebook every single day.

Do you have images that look better than others?

If not, then try to be more creative with your images while taking the quality into consideration.

So, don’t let your customers bogged down with irrelevant images rather catch their attention with high-quality images and videos.

What Type of Businesses Should Use Facebook as Their Reputation Management Tool?

Facebook can do wonder to some businesses.

However, things may not work out well even after dedicatedly following the above-listed best practices on Facebook reputation management tool.

Let’s have a look at the type of businesses for which Facebook can be helpful,

  • Local Business

If you’ve brick-and-mortar businesses, then the Facebook business page will undoubtedly help you as they have 39 category choices under local business and you can pick the type you own.

If none of the categories suit your business type, then it’s better to choose the local business category and move ahead.

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  • Organization

If you have an organization of your own or a company of your own, then create a page under this category and optimize the pages to make it attractive.

Here the information page will be more in detail such as prices, parking, etc.

  • Wholesale Product Manufacturers

If you sell physical products, then the Facebook reputation management tool is for you.

Under the range of categories such as clothing, cars, pet supplies, computer, you can choose the one that fits you.

  • Public Figure

If you’re an artist, band, actor, or any of such then choose the Facebook page under this category.

This will surely help you to gain people’s attention and increase your fan base.

  • Entertainment

Whether you run a TV show or you have a magazine Facebook business page is for you.

You can create a business page under this category and move kick-start your reputation building process.


Managing your e reputation Facebook effectively and wielding the utmost benefit might a tedious job for you. However, there are experts who can guide you on this.

The above guide will help you to maximize the benefits of Facebook.

If you’ve any other thoughts in your mind, don’t mind to drop it down.

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